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The Secret of A Successful Website: 5 Worthwhile Design Features Blog

The Secret of A Successful Website: 5 Worthwhile Design Features Blog

The success of any website depends upon a lot of factors. One of them is web design. The way a site is designed, says a lot about its success. Web designers have hundreds of options to design their websites. For instance, they can use a number of design elements alone to enhance the websites and take it to a different level altogether. Let us take a look at some of the key design features which make a website successful.

Content Management System

Having a CMS is one of the most popular web design feature these days. It is what helps the publishing, editing and modification of content. There is a number of CMS software such as WordPress, Drupal and JOOMLA among others that make it easy for designers to manage content on their sites.

The best part of a CMS is that anyone with even the slightest knowledge of the system can handle the content. The designer will do the job and hand over the system to the clients and it is they who will manage the content with ease.

Automatic Email

Okay, this is not really a secret feature, but you will be amazed to note that a number of websites actually don’t have this feature. I have seen many websites giving it a miss. An automatic email responder is in fact an immensely useful tool for all websites, especially those related to business/eCommerce.

The benefits are obvious. For instance, it responds to potential customers in real time when they take a call-to-action. Suppose you have an eCommerce site. So, when a client places an order and confirms it, they immediately get an email confirming the order with all the order details. This gives the shopper a sense of security and satisfaction that their order was successfully placed. This in turn will increase the conversion ratio of the site.

Social Media

Websites with a social media presence are more likely to be successful than their counterparts. What designers do is integrate social media with the main site. And they can do it in many ways. For instance, they can place a row of buttons of famous social media sites such as – Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Stumble Upon, Pinterest, Digg and others in a banner form at the bottom of each web page.

Alternatively, they can use a thin vertical banner with the same buttons which is constant for all the web pages. Just imagine the impact this will have on the page rank of your site on search engines!

Interactive Design

Go for an interactive web design. This will allow you to be as creative as you want. You can use Flash or HTML 5 for this purpose. For instance, you can use some interactive presentations or intros in the Landing page of your site. Or you can get really creative and design interactive Flash banners on your home page displaying your products and services. Just let your creativity flow and design a site for your end-uses with interactive elements.

Most web designers these days make it a point to use the above mentioned design features on their websites in order to make it a success. You too can try them out on your websites and see the change.…

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