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8 Smart Ways to Increase Conversion Rates for Your Websites

8 Smart Ways to Increase Conversion Rates for Your Websites

Though many of us my be priding in the fact that we have some of the best web designs, when it comes to actual conversion from such websites, the same may be much lower than what you may expect and this could in turn impact your revenues without your actually realizing the same. These things happen because of simple mistakes that are not so very difficult to fix and rectify. Once you do it you certainly can have a big impact on the conversion rates which in turn will also positively impact your revenues. Let us over the next few lines try and find out about the common mistakes that we make which play a big role in killing your website conversion rates and leave you staring down a dark and deep tunnel.

  1. To begin with we should try and understand the importance and impact of the page fold more so when it is about attracting first time visitors. You will have to know that first time visitors will spend as little as five seconds looking at your first page and they will not bother too much about scrolling the page. Hence it would not be a good idea to have your call-to-actions or related contents below the page fold. This is the area which the visitors can see without scrolling and hence this will increase chances of the visitors not being able to find out what they are looking for.

This can be avoided by using the new browser size feature available with Google Analytics. This will help you to understand better as to which elements of your page can be seen above the fold in the common resolution sizes of screens. For e-commerce sites it would be not a bad idea to check the checkout button in the shopping cart located above the fold.

  1. Though your promotional banner may look cool in your website, you are inadvertently perhaps allowing the user to get distracted to such promotional banners instead of spending more time on the important information available in your page. Your call-to-actions and other such vital pieces of information may tend to get lost in the clutter of too many promotional banners. If you have animated images or images of people chances of your main website or web page information getting lost is all the more obvious.
  2. The importance of being unique and being able to think out of the box is very important as far as contemporary web designing is concerned. Being cool is very important. However in this objective you should not stray out of the line and give the usability design standards a go by. This could lead to your visitors being in a state of confusion which could make them move away from your website. This at the end of the day certainly will have a negative impact on your conversion rates. This can be avoided by using a website testing tool not only in the laboratory but also in a real life situation so that you will be able to gauge the mood of the customer and how they look at your website.
  3. Another common mistake that many of the website designers make is not to test the website in all the major browsers. There are many websites which do not function or have only limited functionalities in some browsers. This certainly will not augur well for your conversion and therefore should be carefully looked into. The problem is that even small and slight changes in one of the browser versions can lead to some major changes on conversion rates and visitor engagements.

So the safest way forward is to test the website on all major browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and last but not the least on Google Chrome, which without any doubt is one of the most popular browsers.

  1. The influence of text on your website visitors is something that cannot be ignored under any circumstances. The text should be easily readable apart from being engaging. This is all the more important when you are attempting to convert your website visitors and achieve your conversion goals.

You have to bear in mind there is a difference between online reading and normal reading. In an online environment, they usually look for text that is of interest to them. Therefore it would be better to use short bullet points in your key pages. This makes scanning through the eyes an easy process and will eventually increase your conversion rates.

  1. When you are in the job of testing your website and its variations it is important to create as many variations as possible. Small and insignificant changes likes color or style may not have the desired impact on your visitors. This will again hurt your conversion goals and objectives.

It is therefore important for you to design a test variation that is totally and radically different from the other. It could involve changing the wording or the style element. This will increase your chances of coming out with a test version that has a better chance of winning and thereby aiding better conversion. The same logic applies to the job of designing new pages for the website. You should again think out of the box and completely differently at least for one variant. After follow up you can zero in on one particular version that has a better conversion chances.

  1. At the end of the day when you are designing a website it should be able to meet the main needs of the users and their use cases. However, instead of trying to come out with a website which tries to solve each and every need of the visitor, you should try and create as many versions as possible which will keep your visitors engaged for a longer period of time. The thought of creating a one-size-fits-all website may not be a good idea in many such situations.

You can perhaps do this by using many popular and leading testing tools which will help you to better target specific content to visitors who belong to key groups. A few such examples are repeat or new visitors. This will over a period of time will increase your conversion rates because the visitor finds it very engaging and relevant.

  1. Lastly, one big mistake that many website designers make especially when is about testing new designs is to go by the person who is the highest paid in the organization. This is wrong because such persons try to influence the design by pushing something which they think is good instead of trying and understanding what exactly the visitors want. This is a sure shot way to committing suicide and should be avoided at all costs.

A good way to avoid it is to go in for a testing using web analytics tools and also taking feedback from visitors through usability tools and surveys. This approach will help you to come out with better tests and this will lead to better conversion rates.


At the end of the day, you have to bear in mind that website designing is a complex and challenging job and needs to be thought through from as many angles as possible. The visitor is the kind and you should take all steps to satisfy him or her under all circumstances.…

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