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3 Tips on making an income off your website

3 Tips on making an income off your website

Most of us would love to earn an income from our website, but don’t know where to start. In this article we’ll go through 3 ideas you can use to start making money from your website!

Banner Advertising

If your website is getting a reasonable amount of traffic, you can have ad spaces up on your site for people to pay to place their advert on your website. If you are getting 50,000 hits per month you can charge $50 per ad a month. The more visitors you get a month the more you can charge for your ad spaces.

Paid Content

If your content is interesting and beneficial to people you should consider having paid content on your website. By charging just a small amount you can start earning from your website.

If you decide to take this route you should have some free content as well as the paid.

Online Products

Consider selling some online products on your website, make sure people be interested in your products and will want to purchase them. You can sell e-books, tutorials or video lessons. Something that will benefit the visitor.…

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