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3 Basic Guidelines to Achieve an Effective Landing Page Design Blog

3 Basic Guidelines to Achieve an Effective Landing Page Design Blog

Landing pages are web pages that ask users to perform a certain task when they come upon the page on a website. From a business perspective, landing pages are used to promote/sell a product or service or prompt users to sign up and download softwares etc. Thus, they are of utmost importance for any business to succeed online.

Given below are some basic guidelines that must be followed by designers to design an effective landing page to generate maximum business for their clients.

Initiate a Call to Action

Call to action basically persuades users to take desired action in favor of the website for e.g. Subscribe for newsletter, regular updates etc. Most of the times, a call to action requires the user to click on a certain page element such as button, hyperlinks or forms.

You must be absolutely clear regarding the action you want the user to take and its subsequent result. Once you have decided, persuade the visitors smartly and gently without going overboard. Give the visitors a better user-interface on the page for taking the call to action. For instance, you can make use of more buttons and fewer hyperlinks. This reduces too much information and makes them take a quick decision.

Craft a powerful Headline

A landing page must have a powerful headline, and it must tell the visitors what to expect from the site. Additionally, the headline acts as an effective tool to draw the attention of the visitors and makes them stay put on the page.

Thus, keep the headline simple and concise without beating around the bush. Design it well and keep it at a prominent position on the page, where the visitors are most likely to notice it, even when they are short of time.

Also, you can try and include relevant keywords in the headline, so that when users type a keyword in a search engine, they are directed to the landing page of your site.

Keep it simple/basic

Keep your Landing pages simple as complex pages may irk the site visitors (especially if they are running short of time). Go minimalistic and eliminate clutter on the page. Keep the design of the overall page simple and make it easy to look at and navigate and maintain a proper text-to-image ratio.

In short, each element on the page should encourage the visitors to take the required call to action. However, make it a point to limit your call to action. Ideally it must be one per landing page. If there is a need for additional call to actions, then they must complement the main call to action.…

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