Why Nintendo Needs to Kill All Ideas of the Wii 2 and Move onto Something Better

Why Nintendo Needs to Kill All Ideas of the Wii 2 and Move onto Something Better

Turning the Nintendo Switch into Android's best gaming hardware | Ars  TechnicaThe internet has run rampant with rumors of Nintendo’s Wii 2 console and while a Wii 2 console might have sounded appealing a few years ago, it sounds like a pretty bad idea nowadays – and this is why…

The Primarily Motion Controlled Gaming System Is Dead

The Wii 2 would have been nice back in the day when gaming consoles where either motion controlled or non-motion controlled, but in an Xbox Kinect and PlayStation Move, Nintendo will need to find a dog with more tricks. Creating another motion controlled Wii will only aid in securing a similar future to the current Wii – a future that could wipe Nintendo from the face of gaming.

Nintendo Will Be Fighting to Survive Today – Not Tomorrow

The Wii 2 seems like a desperate attempt for Nintendo to play catch up with the Xbox Kinect and PlayStation Move, but what will happen to the Wii 2 when Microsoft and PlayStation come out with the Xbox 720 or PlayStation 4? A: Nintendo will be left in the dust as Microsoft and Sony advance past the Wii 2 in the same fashion that they outdid the original Wii console.

The World Needs Nintendo to Stay on the Cutting Edge

Nintendo is one of the most innovative gaming companies bringing mind innovations to the world like the 64-bit gaming system, portable gaming, 3D handhelds, motion controlled gaming, and others. If Nintendo were to waste their time trying to salvage the Wii brand instead of putting it’s eggs in another basket, it’d be hurting gamin innovation, not aiding it. The gaming world would be much better off seeing what the creative minds over at Nintendo can create instead of suffering for another gaming generation being stuck with another motion controlled gaming console.

They’ll Have to Overcome the Bad Stigma of the Original Wii

Like it or not, the Nintendo Wii brand has a pretty bad stigma surrounding it and unflattering terms like “casual”, “noob-friendly”, “underdeveloped”, and “simple” are all words associated with the current Nintendo Wii. Even if the Nintendo Wii 2 turned out to be a Kickass gaming console, it’d still suffer due to the stigma of the original Nintendo Wii console.

What Would the Wii 2 Do that the Kinect and Move Couldn’t?

As far as I’m concerned, there just isn’t that much more that can be done to enhance motion controlled gaming. The PlayStation Move has mastered motion controlled controllers and the Xbox Kinect went the route of no controllers at all. Unless the Nintendo Wii 2 will be able to somehow read the minds of gamers, it won’t make that much impact in the gaming world as a motion controlled gaming consoles.…

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