TV, TV on the wall…you’re the coolest of them all!

TV, TV on the wall…you’re the coolest of them all!

50 Ideas To Decorate The Wall You Hang Your TV OnLast week we looked at some innovative ways to hide your TV, from tricked out under-the-bed wizardry, to some sleek lift options to help streamline your space. But my inner geek got really excited by these high-tech TV hideaways, and I bet yours will too.

Now, even when you’re…ahem…indisposed…entertainment is as easy as looking in the mirror.

Apparently it’s already in use at the Charles Hotel in Cambridge, MA:

And in China, check out the way this can be used for advertising–set up with motion sensors so it’s a mirror when you’re in front of it, but an ad when you step aside.

And you can even incorporate this concept outside of the bathroom! This video shows how you can cleverly hide an LED TV behind a two-way way mirror. The custom made frame gives the appearance of a beautiful decorative mirror when the television is off, but it magically transforms once you want to watch your favorite show. Great idea for either a living room or a bedroom, as long as you have the wall space to fit the television inside.…

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