Tips to Design a Business Card for Auto-Detailing Business

Tips to Design a Business Card for Auto-Detailing Business

Automotive detailing is the business where the interiors and exteriors of an automobile are cleaned, shined and protected from the elements. Today it is a lucrative choice for many and the competition is intense. If you are into this business you need to brand yourself to stand ahead of the competition. Business cards are one of the ways in which you can brand yourself as it offers you publicity and also encourages your customers to come back to you. Whenever one of your executives hands over a business card to a client it is a great marketing opportunity for the future. Here are a few tips in which you can design an attractive business card for your auto detailing business.

Custom Cards

If you visit the website of any business card printing company you will come across many templates based on your business area. You can customize these templates to achieve your business card. However, we suggest you to design one from scratch and themed around your business as it gives you more option of exercising your creativity. This makes it powerful as your business card powerful on the virtue of its uniqueness.

Car Themed Card

One of the best ways to do so is theme it around the business as this is one of the most used concepts when it comes to designing attractive cards. You can use a car graphic that features the exterior of a car. For this you can make use of a car photograph from the image library. On else you can also make use of a graphic design that delivers the message to the customers. What this does is makes your card be easily recognizable when put in a card holder. This will help you grab the attention of the customers when they have different auto detailing business cards.

Be Bold With Colors

Colors are one of your best play areas in business cards. Look into your card holder and you will see that most cards have lighter shades of background color with most of them using a white background. You will also notice that the ones in brighter shades of color tend to grab your attention. There you have it the key to a successful business card. You need to choose bright shades of color such as red, blue etc. for the background of your card and make use of contrasting colors for the text as this makes the card visually attractive.

Information Is Vital

A business card isn’t merely for printing your name and contact information. As we have mentioned already it is a powerful marketing tool and hence you should deliver as much information on the card as it permits. For this double sided business cards would offer you more marketing space on the card. List the different kinds of services that you offer. Highlight the USPs of your business and why a customer should choose you over your competitors. Make use of fonts that are easy to read as this is important. For your brand name make of large fonts along with your logo to make it easily recognizable. With these ideas you will achieve a business card that stands ahead off competition and gives your business the maximum marketing mileage. You need to hire the service of a good business card printing company to get a high quality card. Discuss your ideas with them in detail and take inputs from them. Remember they are experts in this trait and hence they will give your valuable inputs to make your card a powerful marketing tool.…

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