Nintendo Wii System – I’m 46 and Addicted!

Nintendo Wii System – I’m 46 and Addicted!

Wii Will Rock You (Fortune, 2007) | FortuneLet’s face it, I’m not your typical gamer. Female, age 46, raised 3 kids. The kids were all into the video games, but I never got the knack of it. The games were too intense and confusing, and the controllers were frustrating. So I pretty much stayed away after a few brief encounters with game systems.

Then a miracle happened. I’m a Slurpee addict, and bought a Slurpee at the local 7-11 store. I happened to notice something about a game and a free Wii. I had no idea at the time what a Wii was, but thought I would take a chance and see if maybe I could win a free Slurpee or something. I go to the 7-11 website and enter my code, hit the “spin” button and what do you know … I won a Wii. I called my husband into the room and asked him “what the heck is a Wii”. He wasn’t really sure either so we called our youngest son and he got really excited. He is a big time gamer! When he said it was a video game system, I was not very excited. I told everyone that if the system ever actually got sent to me, I would probably sell it on Ebay or something.

Figuring the Wii would never come, and not being that excited about it anyway, I sort of forgot about it. Then 2 days before Christmas the package arrived. We opened up the box and it didn’t look too impressive. Luckily all the kids were at the house or we never would have gotten the system hooked up. It wasn’t really that hard, but we were hooking it up to the plasma and surround sound system, so there were a few extra electronic obstacles that had to be figured out. I wasn’t too excited about the whole thing, but figured the kids could play with it while they were there for the holidays. They got it hooked up and starting playing. I walked through the room just to watch. The more I watched, the more intrigued I became. Then I figured I should at least try playing it, and I was totally hooked on the system in about 30 minutes time!

The part I like most is the games are so interactive and easy to learn. The controller is really simple to use, and the games are fun! My 68 year old mother can even join in the fun, and she’s never played a video game in her life! That is how simple these games are.

We only have one controller right now so my husband and I fight over who gets to play. We’ve tried swapping the controller back and forth, but that becomes tiresome. Let me say right here that it’s a MUST for you to follow the directions and use the wrist strap! A lot of folks have broken their TV sets, smashed other people in the face, and a number of other things that could be avoided by just taking the time to secure the wrist strap.

Now back to the games. When we play the tennis or boxing game, we work up a hearty sweat. We’re not overweight or out of shape, but these games get you up off the couch and you are moving around just like in a real tennis game or boxing match. It’s so awesome! I have to believe we are getting some sort of exercise when we play because we are drenched with sweat and our hearts are pounding from the workout.

So a big kudos goes out to Nintendo and I’m now a committed Wii fan. I’m just waiting for them to come out with a dancing game, that would be really fun and a great workout!…

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