It’s a Treasure Chest of Technology aboard the Endless Summer

It’s a Treasure Chest of Technology aboard the Endless Summer

The Endless Summer' 50 year box set is pure surfing treasure - Men's Journal

What Yacht Rules the High Seas?

This is Part 3 of a three-part series. Is this your favorite hi-tech yacht? Cast your vote in the comments section below!


Ever wonder what modern day pirates would plunder? My guess, given the relative scarcity of dubloons, would be high-tech equipment along the lines of what’s installed on this 92-foot Paragon yacht. I wanted to take a look at one more outrageously equipped sailing vessel and this one really goes overboard (yes I actually said that) – with an incredible 800 pounds of home theater equipment craftily stowed away in custom racks installed above the pilot house. The equipment list is jaw-dropping to say the least.


Designed by ArchiTechKnowlogy Design Group out of Laguna, CA (who coincidentally has one of the strangest websites I’ve ever seen) and installed by Atlantic Stereo, this system’s build began with the yacht’s construction itself. Custom bundles of cables (CAT 5 high-speed data, RG6 video, and Cresnet home control cables) were provided to the boat builders in Taiwanso the system could be completed back home in California. You can read more about the features of the Endless Summer in the article that appeared in Yachting Magazine.


“What made it complex was that the system had to be installed in a tight space,” says systems designer Xeven Zorra of ArchiTechKnowlogy Design Group, whom Atlantic Stereo called in to plan the system.

Kaleidescape technology supplies the music and movies on demand in all four staterooms, the crew quarters, galley, salon and decks. I like the idea of the waterproof Crestron remotes on the deck (it would be tragic to drop a non-waterproof model in the Jacuzzi) and the iPod dock in the salon allows guests to bring their favorite tunes along to the party. Finally, the captain can access the ship’s controls via a Crestron touchpanel in the galley.

Each of the guest staterooms and the crew quarters has a 20-inch widescreen Sharp LCD, with two Sonance Symphony Extreme in-ceiling weatherproof speakers. In the closet of each cabin and on a stainless-steel bracket is an Xbox 360 game console that can be used as a DVD player. The steel bracket also supports a Crestron Cat-5 room solution box hidden behind the closet wall; it receives the audio/video signals over Cat 5 wire from the central racks. The master stateroom features a surround-sound system with a 42-inch Fujitsu plasma.…

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