How to Drive Traffic to Your Website the Right Way

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website the Right Way

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Whether a website or a blog, many people want the traffic to start immediately. Simply wanting to know how to drive traffic to your website isn’t enough, you need answers. There are generally five things that you can do to help your website get traffic no matter what topic your blog or website is in.

Website Content

There is no way around it, if you want repeat page views and hits; you are going to have to have good content. Endless lists or just a URL farm isn’t going to cut it when people click on your page. Have an engaging voice, talk about your topic with a tone that is pleasing to most people, and the traffic will follow. Word of mouth advertising can net you more page views and traffic hits than the best social networking site. If you are unable to keep good error free content on your site and the site’s traffic is your number one priority, I suggest hiring out writers to write your content for you.

Website Presentation

Flash sites and neon colors are not going to win you points in the race for website traffic. Make the site easy on the eyes and without popups. The less “going on” with the website, the more the browser is going to focus on staying and reading what you have to say and how you are saying it. Also the pages will load faster, eliminating people from clicking off your website out of annoyance.

First Run Quality

Similar to the “website content” rule, you will need to make sure that your articles and blog posts are original. Reprints are thoroughly looked down upon by Google and actual humans, and this will not give you extra traffic. In fact as you are hindered in search engines, you are actually driving traffic away from your website by doing this.

Quality content comes from evergreen content. You may have heard the term evergreen before. This just means that your content should not be “old news”. A post on what’s going to be on next week’s “Gossip Girl”? Not evergreen. Doing a post on the best way to add fiber into your diet? Evergreen.

Be Proactive

Put a link in your signature of your email program to your website or blog. Twitter or Digg each time you write a post or article, just remember to link to the “permalink” or permanent website address of the actual post or article and not to the general landing page of the site. This way it will not look like you are spamming your website, another huge bad sign that will leave viewers with a bad taste in their mouths. Learn a bit about social networking and what it can and cannot do for you. Just remember, be active in the communities that you are going to post your website to, don’t just join up and drop a link.

Be Yourself

Lastly, just be yourself. Don’t go into active salesman mode and want to sell your readers on everything. Don’t have money on your mind. Have a real love of what you are doing, what you are saying, what the writing on the page means. If you believe in yourself, aren’t ashamed at what you are saying to the world, then other people will want to read it too.…

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