Home security tips for your family

Home security tips for your family

How to Maintain Home Safety this Holiday: Infographic | Home safety tips, Home  safety, Safety tipsWhile it is true that having your own video surveillance cameras at home creates a stronger sense of security amongst your family members, the real defense lies in the physical and electronic security measures that are supposed to be there beforehand, so the bad guys don’t even make it to the cameras. These are the basic defense structures of a home security system.

“Once this has been accomplished you have taken care of your first line of defense & now you want to think about increasing that level of security by installing your second line of defense. Your second line of defense consists of a home alarm system that protects all entry points into your home.” [top-home-security-info]

Strengthen all your access points with good locking mechanisms and sturdy doors and windows.

The locks you place are your first line of defense. You should make it a point to  securely fasten these from the inside all the time. Should that fail, electronic alarms such as this motion-activated chime alert system from Optex will be an essential line of defense for your home security. These gadgets monitor your entrance points and alert you if anyone crosses into your home.

With these two lines of defense established you may now consider installing a video surveillance system for added confidence in your home security.  Basically, a video surveillance system consists of a motion-activated camera (which only records when it senses motion), a DVR or a digital video recorder, and a computer with monitor. These items are sold separately but may be purchased as a kit. Like most things these days, the system can be either wireless or cabled.

For a small residential set up, there are wireless video surveillance starter kits available in the market. The Logitech WiLife Outdoor Camera Starter Kit is an easy to install system. Setting up is wireless and easy – it consists of just installing the software, positioning the outdoor camera, and then simply plugging the USB receiver into your PC. You may follow this link to watch the installation instructions as well as some details regarding this product.

With the free software WiLife Command Center, you may be able to monitor this surveillance system from anywhere on the Internet. The starter kit has only one outdoor camera which only records when it senses motion; however the monitoring/viewing is continuous. The system can accommodate up to six cameras, which is usually more than enough for the typical home.…

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