Ever wanted a butler like Batman? Now you can build your own

Ever wanted a butler like Batman? Now you can build your own

Batman (Character) - Comic Vine

Batman had Alfred, Richie Rich had Cadbury and Inspector Clouseau and the Green Hornet both had Katos…and if you’ve always wanted a butler of your own to manage your household and…well, be at your beck and call, today’s post will show you can finally make that dream come true.


Check out Chives, a robotic “butler” that user Eric Forkosh, an engineer at created. Chives (wordplay on Jeeves, perhaps?) talks, drives, pours drinks and more…watch the video to see him in action. He’s not the prettiest butler in town, but he gets the job done.

According to the video, here are some of Chive’s components:

  • Wheelchair motor base
  • A laptop processor as “brains”
  • Voice-controlled functionality
  • Text-to-speech replies
  • Cool sound effects
  • A built-in mini fridge (I must admit, I like this feature!)
  • Two robotic arms that pour drinks and grip objects
  • Webcam image processing
  • Web server remote control
  • Inputs for sensors such as sonar sensors

Another awesome capability is to control Chives via your Smartphone…much less cumbersome than having to be near a laptop!

So what can you do with your new Robot Butler? Here’s a list of what Chives can do.

  • Voice Commands for weather, time, and temperature (he’s linked to
  • Pour a drink bottle into a cup
  • Manual control with a joystick
  • Cool soda cans in a mini fridge
  • Face recognition and greet people by their names
  • Follow a person wearing a certain color shirt
  • Avoid obstacles
  • Automatically dock to a charger (similar to a Roomba)
  • Sweep the floor
  • Wireless control over the internet
  • Wireless Remote Control from iPod Touch or SmartPhone

And if you want to know how to build your own butler, Eric can show you how over at Or maybe you’re way ahead of us and have already built your own? If so, I’m dying to hear about it.  Give me a shout out below.…

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