Covers – a Free CD/DVD Replacement Cover Tool for Mac OSX

Covers – a Free CD/DVD Replacement Cover Tool for Mac OSX

18 Best Full Free CD & DVD Cover PSD Templates For Designers (2021 Update)  - 365 Web ResourcesHave you ever run into the situation where something got spilled, and your brand new DVD or CD insert got ruined? I have, and it’s no fun. You spend all that money on entertainment, only to have the CD booklet or the DVD cover art end up ruined.

What’s a person to do?

You should check out a free utility for Mac called Covers, is what you should do!

Covers, from Pathos Software, is a free utility that allows you to quickly search three online cover art databases for exactly what you need. Whether you need a movie insert, the back cover art for a music CD, or even video games, you’re in luck, Covers has you… covered.

Covers is really easy to use, although to be honest, it’s a bit light on features at the moment. To use Covers, simply start it up. You’ll see a screen with a search bar at the top, and then two tabs, labeled CD and DVD, below that, and below that a larger blank area.

To use Covers, simply select the tab that matches what you’re looking for, type in the name of the album or movie, and hit the Find button. Covers will immediately take you to whichever website you’ve selected as your default, with the search already performed.

From there, you’ll likely have your choice of multiple options (whether that means different people have scanned the cover, or that you can pick between different art from different regions of the world), so pick which one you like, download it, and then drag that image into the drop zone.

Now, just hit the Print button, print your cover art, and you’re all set. Brand new cover art, in just a few clicks. As I said, Covers is really easy to use.

Unfortunately, I feel that – at least at the moment – it’s a bit unwieldy. Maybe it has something to do with my recently looking at a bunch of YouTube downloaders that allow you to search YouTube right from the desktop application, but I want something like that for Covers. In my “idealized” Covers, when I hit the Find button, instead of being taken to a website, I’d be shown the search results right inside Covers. I could view my options, then download the art and print it, from within Covers, all in one step.

Additionally, I’d like the option to be able to save the cover art in a central database, hopefully one I could then browse with Covers. At the moment, Covers loses all information on previously downloaded cover art the second you quit the program. It would be nice to have some type of browser (maybe similar to iTunes or iPhoto?), so all that cover art could be collected.

Still, Covers does do exactly what it says it does. In my testing, I never failed to find just what I was looking for, and the option to choose from three different websites ( (the default),, and, is nice. I’ve used in the past and always found it useful, and seems nice as well.

So, there you are. Covers is a nice program, still a bit light in features, but for what it does, it’s stable, effective and easy to use. And it’s free, so download a copy for yourself and try it out.…

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