What does James Bond have that Home Automation doesn’t?

What does James Bond have that Home Automation doesn’t?

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I’m going to be dropping a ton of James Bond references here. If you’ve never seen a James Bond film before, please do yourself a favor and spend two hours educating yourself on pure badassery. I highly recommend Goldfinger (Sean Connery) or Golden Eye (Pierce Brosnan).

What did you do this weekend? I sure hope it was productive, because you’ll have to make up for me. I “wasted” basically all of Saturday watching James Bond movies. Such classics. Sadly, I haven’t developed any super-spy abilities, or even a British accent. But as I drifted asleep that evening, a thought popped into my head.

James Bond has something that the home automation industry DESPERATELY needs.

No, I’m not talking about Bond girls (although I certainly wouldn’t protest if they started showing up with my Insteon shipments). And I’m not talking about his impressive arsenal of weapons and gadgets, even though I find myself drooling over the MI6 R&D department.

Nope – it’s none of that. James Bond has something absolutely crucial that all of us need — he has Q.

Q, or Quartermaster, is responsible for managing and developing the British Secret Service’s arsenal of high-tech gadgets, and ultimately ensuring that Bond has the right equipment for the mission.

Here’s a sample of Q in action: [click here for video]

He might not get a lot of screentime, but Q plays a major role in Agent 007′s success as a spy. Q carefully develops and curates the weapons and ultimately distills the virtually unlimited arsenal into a handful of items for Bond to actually take into the field. He explains how each item works, and explanations are typically accompanied by a demonstration.

Do you think James Bond sifts through the thousands of MI6 gadgets at his disposal before embarking on a mission? Do you think he sits and reads user manuals for hours to figure out how everything works?

Absofuckinglutely not.

In fact, Bond shows us what he thinks of user manuals in the last 30 seconds of the clip …

(If you didn’t watch the video, Bond tosses the giant encyclopedia of a manual in front of the auto-focus turrets mounted on his Aston Martin. The manual explodes into a million little shreds).

If the metaphor-crunching part of your brain has been active, you know where I’m going with this.


James Bond’s disregard for the user manual results in an explosion (Die Another Day)

The home automation industry is impressive. Collectively, many millions (if not billions) of dollars have poured into R&D to create thousands and thousands of products. There’s no problem at all with the arsenal itself.

But there’s no Quartermaster. As things are now, if you want to get involved with home automation, you have to sift through everything yourself. That means reading through countless forums, manuals, and being overwhelmed with the relentless torrent of options. Nobody will hand-pick and curate the selection for you. And forget about asking anyone to help you piece it together.

From my perspective, it’s downright stupid and short-sighted that the home automation companies out there don’t do more to show us how to use their products. After all, nobody’s going to shell out good money to buy a paperweight (unless you’re actually looking for a paperweight).

It isn’t just hurting the home automation companies themselves. If it were just that I wouldn’t be so steamed about this. It’s hurting the people who want to get started with home automation. The learning curve is so great, the barrier so high that it drives away all but the most determined geeks (and sometimes we have to wonder why we spent so much time looking into it in the first place).…

How to Use and Make Money Off Fiverr.Com

How to Use and Make Money Off Fiverr.Com

Give you all the tools to make money on fiverr by Thomaswakenhut | Fiverr

Fiverr.com is a popular freelancing website for people who provide simple, low-cost freelance jobs online and for people who seek low-cost freelance services. The site offers providers a gross payment of five dollars hence the site’s name.

Fiverr.com was featured as a website where people can showcase their talents like singing, dancing, writing and drawing and provide services based on those talents for a gross payout of five dollars. People who seek to earn extra can sign up to fiverr.com and post ‘gigs’ by:

  1. Signing in.
  2. Going to the Seller Page and adding a gig by clicking the Add New Gig button
  3. Filling in the ‘I will ___ for $5’ field, selecting a proper category and specifying the gig.
  4. Specifying any extra instructions for buyers.
  5. Specifying keywords to help buyers find the gig through fiverr’s search engine.
  6. Stating estimated completion time of the task.
  7. Adding a job-related image and saving the gig.

To make money through fiverr.com

  1. Post gigs that are really of use to business like encoding, writing or transcribing and logo making.
  2. Buy Fiverr reviews
  3. Post unique but sensible gigs.
  4. Ensure that buyers can find your gig by putting the proper keywords in the Tags field.
  5. Give buyers incentives by offering reasonable completion time and deliver on time.
  6. Give quality work so buyers will seek your services again and again.
Top Five Gifts for Your Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

Top Five Gifts for Your Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

20 Best Valentine's Day Gifts Ideas for Girlfriend and Boyfriends in 2019

Valentine’s Day is one of the most important day for couples. It’s the day to really show your girlfriend that you truly care about her. But that doesn’t mean getting the most expensive and lavish box of chocolate off of the rack. Showing that you really care means putting time and effort into your special gift for lover, not money. So, try out some of these creative ideas!

  1. Balloons

It’s not as easy and simple as it sounds. Us girls love the little things in life, from the cute trinkets to the aroma of Bath and Body Works products. So, buy around a dozen balloons and fill them up with cute little gifts (make sure the gifts aren’t too heavy, so they won’t sink the balloon). Blow them up (yes, with helium) so you can give them to your girlfriend as a bouquet. The best part about this is popping the balloons to see what’s inside. So fun!

  1. Coupons

Not the ones you get in the mail everyday. You can create some handmade coupons that your girlfriend can use any time. These may include a back massage, or a movie night with friends. Remember to keep the coupons neat and organized. Spend time decorating them with glitter, ribbons, etc. to show that you put effort into the present.

  1. Poem

Ok, you probably have heard of this idea way too often. But it’s actually really romantic if you actually take the time to write one. I know my favorite presents are always poems, because they really make me feel special. Think of some creative phrases, and make them giggle every now and then. Who knows. You may even be able to learn a little something for language arts!

  1. Scarf

Guys can knit too. And it’s an even better gift if it’s coming from a guy. Knit a pretty scarf for your girlfriend, most preferably in the colors pink, red, or white. A guy knitting a scarf shows that they have a nice, sensitive side to them, which is always what a girl wants.

  1. It’s Raining Love

Look for some red, pink, and white construction paper. Cut out as many hearts as possible (the more, the better!). On each one of them, write about a memorable occassion, to show that you really care about your relationship. Then, tape some string onto the hearts and string them onto the ceiling so it looks like it’s raining hearts.…

TV, TV on the wall…you’re the coolest of them all!

TV, TV on the wall…you’re the coolest of them all!

50 Ideas To Decorate The Wall You Hang Your TV OnLast week we looked at some innovative ways to hide your TV, from tricked out under-the-bed wizardry, to some sleek lift options to help streamline your space. But my inner geek got really excited by these high-tech TV hideaways, and I bet yours will too.

Now, even when you’re…ahem…indisposed…entertainment is as easy as looking in the mirror.

Apparently it’s already in use at the Charles Hotel in Cambridge, MA:

And in China, check out the way this can be used for advertising–set up with motion sensors so it’s a mirror when you’re in front of it, but an ad when you step aside.

And you can even incorporate this concept outside of the bathroom! This video shows how you can cleverly hide an LED TV behind a two-way way mirror. The custom made frame gives the appearance of a beautiful decorative mirror when the television is off, but it magically transforms once you want to watch your favorite show. Great idea for either a living room or a bedroom, as long as you have the wall space to fit the television inside.…

Home security tips for your family

Home security tips for your family

How to Maintain Home Safety this Holiday: Infographic | Home safety tips, Home  safety, Safety tipsWhile it is true that having your own video surveillance cameras at home creates a stronger sense of security amongst your family members, the real defense lies in the physical and electronic security measures that are supposed to be there beforehand, so the bad guys don’t even make it to the cameras. These are the basic defense structures of a home security system.

“Once this has been accomplished you have taken care of your first line of defense & now you want to think about increasing that level of security by installing your second line of defense. Your second line of defense consists of a home alarm system that protects all entry points into your home.” [top-home-security-info]

Strengthen all your access points with good locking mechanisms and sturdy doors and windows.

The locks you place are your first line of defense. You should make it a point to  securely fasten these from the inside all the time. Should that fail, electronic alarms such as this motion-activated chime alert system from Optex will be an essential line of defense for your home security. These gadgets monitor your entrance points and alert you if anyone crosses into your home.

With these two lines of defense established you may now consider installing a video surveillance system for added confidence in your home security.  Basically, a video surveillance system consists of a motion-activated camera (which only records when it senses motion), a DVR or a digital video recorder, and a computer with monitor. These items are sold separately but may be purchased as a kit. Like most things these days, the system can be either wireless or cabled.

For a small residential set up, there are wireless video surveillance starter kits available in the market. The Logitech WiLife Outdoor Camera Starter Kit is an easy to install system. Setting up is wireless and easy – it consists of just installing the software, positioning the outdoor camera, and then simply plugging the USB receiver into your PC. You may follow this link to watch the installation instructions as well as some details regarding this product.

With the free software WiLife Command Center, you may be able to monitor this surveillance system from anywhere on the Internet. The starter kit has only one outdoor camera which only records when it senses motion; however the monitoring/viewing is continuous. The system can accommodate up to six cameras, which is usually more than enough for the typical home.…

What are Modules?

What are Modules?

Modules tell Joomla where content can be placed in your template.

Joomla needs to know how to display the information on the screen, and the grid of modules within a template gives Joomla the information it needs to lay the information in the correct positions.

The Module Manager

The utility within Joomla that allows the user to tell Joomla how to display module content is called the Module Manager. Each module in the Module Manager tells Joomla:

  • where content is positioned i.e. Module position
  • what content is displayed (many modules have parameters that help you define what is displayed)
  • How the content is styled

Modules for Core Components

When you first install Joomla, it installs modules for the components that are part of the Joomla core. As an example, Latest News is a module that allows you to identify which category of articles can be displayed in a module position on selected parts of the website. We use this module on virtually every website to push promotional information to the home page in a dynamic fashion.

Modules for Extension Components

Sometimes there are modules for extension components that allow you to display component information on a page. These modules are usually available from the same developer as the component, but if one doesn’t exist there, try searching for one made by a different developer. Whether a component has any modules available depends on whether the developer thought it was needed and how much time they have spent in development.

An example of a module for an extension component might be a listed of upcoming events from a calendar. The calendar is a component which you can input upcoming events and group them into categories. After the component is installed, you can view all events in page view. Our favorite calendar component is JEvents, and they have just such a module to display latest events.…

Nintendo Wii System – I’m 46 and Addicted!

Nintendo Wii System – I’m 46 and Addicted!

Wii Will Rock You (Fortune, 2007) | FortuneLet’s face it, I’m not your typical gamer. Female, age 46, raised 3 kids. The kids were all into the video games, but I never got the knack of it. The games were too intense and confusing, and the controllers were frustrating. So I pretty much stayed away after a few brief encounters with game systems.

Then a miracle happened. I’m a Slurpee addict, and bought a Slurpee at the local 7-11 store. I happened to notice something about a game and a free Wii. I had no idea at the time what a Wii was, but thought I would take a chance and see if maybe I could win a free Slurpee or something. I go to the 7-11 website and enter my code, hit the “spin” button and what do you know … I won a Wii. I called my husband into the room and asked him “what the heck is a Wii”. He wasn’t really sure either so we called our youngest son and he got really excited. He is a big time gamer! When he said it was a video game system, I was not very excited. I told everyone that if the system ever actually got sent to me, I would probably sell it on Ebay or something.

Figuring the Wii would never come, and not being that excited about it anyway, I sort of forgot about it. Then 2 days before Christmas the package arrived. We opened up the box and it didn’t look too impressive. Luckily all the kids were at the house or we never would have gotten the system hooked up. It wasn’t really that hard, but we were hooking it up to the plasma and surround sound system, so there were a few extra electronic obstacles that had to be figured out. I wasn’t too excited about the whole thing, but figured the kids could play with it while they were there for the holidays. They got it hooked up and starting playing. I walked through the room just to watch. The more I watched, the more intrigued I became. Then I figured I should at least try playing it, and I was totally hooked on the system in about 30 minutes time!

The part I like most is the games are so interactive and easy to learn. The controller is really simple to use, and the games are fun! My 68 year old mother can even join in the fun, and she’s never played a video game in her life! That is how simple these games are.

We only have one controller right now so my husband and I fight over who gets to play. We’ve tried swapping the controller back and forth, but that becomes tiresome. Let me say right here that it’s a MUST for you to follow the directions and use the wrist strap! A lot of folks have broken their TV sets, smashed other people in the face, and a number of other things that could be avoided by just taking the time to secure the wrist strap.

Now back to the games. When we play the tennis or boxing game, we work up a hearty sweat. We’re not overweight or out of shape, but these games get you up off the couch and you are moving around just like in a real tennis game or boxing match. It’s so awesome! I have to believe we are getting some sort of exercise when we play because we are drenched with sweat and our hearts are pounding from the workout.

So a big kudos goes out to Nintendo and I’m now a committed Wii fan. I’m just waiting for them to come out with a dancing game, that would be really fun and a great workout!…

Latest News Module

Latest News Module

The Latest News module is one of the best dynamic features of Joomla. It allows you to dynamically generate a list of the most recent news articles that have been input into your site.

  1. Create a new module

View the Create a New Joomla Module tutorial for instructions on how to create a new module.

  1. Define display parameters

View the Create a New Joomla Module tutorial for instructions on how to define the Details and Menu Assignment parameters on the left side of the screen.

  1. Define Latest News parameters
  2. Count: How many articles do you want to display in the list?
  3. Order: In what order should the articles be displayed?
  4. Authors: You can narrow down the articles to a specific author.
  5. Front Page Articles: Do you want to display articles that are shown on the home page? If you select hide, only articles that are NOT shown on the home page will display in your latest news list.
  6. Section ID: You need to go to Content > Section Manager to find the section ID that you want this list to be narrowed down to. You can find the Section ID in the far right column of the Section Manager list
  7. Category ID: You need to go to Content > Category Manager to find the category ID that you want this list to be narrowed down to. You can find the Category ID in the far right column of the Category Manager list
  8. Module Class Suffix: Do you require a module class suffix to stylize the module the banner is placed in? If you are unsure, check with the developer of your Joomla template.
  9. Click save to save your work.
Creating New Joomla Modules

Creating New Joomla Modules

  1. Open the Module Manager

Go to Extensions > Module Manager.

  1. Create a new Module

Click new in the top right corner of the Module Manager.

  1. Select module type
  2. Click the radio button for the module type you want to create.
  3. Click the ‘Next’ button in the top right to continue.
  4. Define Module Parameters

Each module type has a different parameters screen. The following screenshot shows the Polls module parameters screen.

The left side of the screen is the same for every module. The right side of the screen will be specifically for that module type. Look at the tutorial for a specific module type for instructions on parameters for the right side of the screen.

  1. Title: Put in the title of your module here.
  2. Show Title: If you want the module title to show when the poll is displayed on the site, select ‘Yes’. This has nothing to do with the Poll title that you put into the Poll component.
  3. Enabled: Do you want this module to show or be hidden? If you want it to show, select ‘Yes’.
  4. Position: This is the module position on your template. If you are not certain of how to find the module position, read How to Preview Your Joomla Template tutorial.
  5. Menus: This tells the system what pages on your site you want the module to appear. You can have all pages, or you can select specific pages. Note that the pages are based on menu items that you created.
Tips to Design a Business Card for Auto-Detailing Business

Tips to Design a Business Card for Auto-Detailing Business

Automotive detailing is the business where the interiors and exteriors of an automobile are cleaned, shined and protected from the elements. Today it is a lucrative choice for many and the competition is intense. If you are into this business you need to brand yourself to stand ahead of the competition. Business cards are one of the ways in which you can brand yourself as it offers you publicity and also encourages your customers to come back to you. Whenever one of your executives hands over a business card to a client it is a great marketing opportunity for the future. Here are a few tips in which you can design an attractive business card for your auto detailing business.

Custom Cards

If you visit the website of any business card printing company you will come across many templates based on your business area. You can customize these templates to achieve your business card. However, we suggest you to design one from scratch and themed around your business as it gives you more option of exercising your creativity. This makes it powerful as your business card powerful on the virtue of its uniqueness.

Car Themed Card

One of the best ways to do so is theme it around the business as this is one of the most used concepts when it comes to designing attractive cards. You can use a car graphic that features the exterior of a car. For this you can make use of a car photograph from the image library. On else you can also make use of a graphic design that delivers the message to the customers. What this does is makes your card be easily recognizable when put in a card holder. This will help you grab the attention of the customers when they have different auto detailing business cards.

Be Bold With Colors

Colors are one of your best play areas in business cards. Look into your card holder and you will see that most cards have lighter shades of background color with most of them using a white background. You will also notice that the ones in brighter shades of color tend to grab your attention. There you have it the key to a successful business card. You need to choose bright shades of color such as red, blue etc. for the background of your card and make use of contrasting colors for the text as this makes the card visually attractive.

Information Is Vital

A business card isn’t merely for printing your name and contact information. As we have mentioned already it is a powerful marketing tool and hence you should deliver as much information on the card as it permits. For this double sided business cards would offer you more marketing space on the card. List the different kinds of services that you offer. Highlight the USPs of your business and why a customer should choose you over your competitors. Make use of fonts that are easy to read as this is important. For your brand name make of large fonts along with your logo to make it easily recognizable. With these ideas you will achieve a business card that stands ahead off competition and gives your business the maximum marketing mileage. You need to hire the service of a good business card printing company to get a high quality card. Discuss your ideas with them in detail and take inputs from them. Remember they are experts in this trait and hence they will give your valuable inputs to make your card a powerful marketing tool.…