What are Modules?

What are Modules?

Modules tell Joomla where content can be placed in your template.

Joomla needs to know how to display the information on the screen, and the grid of modules within a template gives Joomla the information it needs to lay the information in the correct positions.

The Module Manager

The utility within Joomla that allows the user to tell Joomla how to display module content is called the Module Manager. Each module in the Module Manager tells Joomla:

  • where content is positioned i.e. Module position
  • what content is displayed (many modules have parameters that help you define what is displayed)
  • How the content is styled

Modules for Core Components

When you first install Joomla, it installs modules for the components that are part of the Joomla core. As an example, Latest News is a module that allows you to identify which category of articles can be displayed in a module position on selected parts of the website. We use this module on virtually every website to push promotional information to the home page in a dynamic fashion.

Modules for Extension Components

Sometimes there are modules for extension components that allow you to display component information on a page. These modules are usually available from the same developer as the component, but if one doesn’t exist there, try searching for one made by a different developer. Whether a component has any modules available depends on whether the developer thought it was needed and how much time they have spent in development.

An example of a module for an extension component might be a listed of upcoming events from a calendar. The calendar is a component which you can input upcoming events and group them into categories. After the component is installed, you can view all events in page view. Our favorite calendar component is JEvents, and they have just such a module to display latest events.…

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