What are Extensions?

What are Extensions?

Extensions are the general term for mini-programs, i.e. additional functionality, available to extend the basic functionality of the Joomla Core.

What is the Joomla Core?

The Joomla Core is the term used to describe the functionality that is available within Joomla when you first install it. As Joomla grows and evolves, the team developing it continues to expand the functionality that is available in the core program. When you install Extensions onto your Joomla site, you are customizing your site by extending the functionality that is available.

Extensions are classified into 3 types:

  • components
  • modules
  • plug-ins

How do I choose which Extensions I need?

Before you can choose your extensions, you need to determine the content required on your site. Once you have defined the content, then you can determine if groups of content will be better managed by an Extension. Section 3: Creating the Framework, gives an overview of how to define the content for your site.


There are over 6,000 Joomla extensions

Because Joomla is open source, Extensions are developed by literally hundreds of developers worldwide. At last count there were over 6,000 extensions in the Joomla Extension Directory.

Joomla Extension Directory

This directory provides a listing of all components, modules and plug-ins that have met the development standards for Joomla, and each extension is reviewed before it is added to the list. In addition, if there are complaints about an extension, it may be removed from the official Joomla extensions page.

In the listing of each extension, users are able to rate a component for its ease of use and whether it provides the functionality a user expected. This allows you to screen which extensions you use and lessen the amount of time you spend in development. See the sidebar for the extension categories listed in the Joomla Extensions Directory.

What if I cannot find an Extension for the functionality I need?

There are developers who specialize in creating custom extensions. They can take an existing extension and add on to it, or create one from scratch. In the instance where you need functionality that you cannot find within the Joomla Extension Directory, you can hire a Joomla developer to assist you.

To hire a developer, you can put a post in the online forum at, or you can search in Google for “freelance joomla developer” to find sites that list profiles of potential developers. We have found some great developers using the following sites:…

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