What are Components?

What are Components?

Components are like mini-programs that can be added to Joomla to do something specific on your website.

For example, perhaps you want:

  • a calendar to track upcoming events
  • an image gallery to organize and share photos
  • an online document management system
  • a way to organize and display FAQs
  • a shopping cart for an e-commerce site

Who creates components?

There are standards for developing Joomla extensions, which gives developers guidelines for creating these mini-programs. Some components are very robust and trouble-free, and some may be problematic. This is why it’s important to review all extensions in the Joomla Extension Directory when deciding whether to install on your site.

The most popular shopping cart component is VirtueMart. It is an example of a robust component. It is an “industrial strength” “killer app” in its own right, and has many supporting extensions that extend its functionality. It has a licensing fee and is developed and supported well.

Other types of components don’t require as much technical time to develop and are usually done by people as a hobby.…

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