Using More Than One Template on a Site

Using More Than One Template on a Site

It is possible to use more than one template on the same site. This is commonly used to keep the same design theme between the home page and internal pages but allow different modules for content on internal pages. It may also be that you have different divisions for your company, and you want a different design for each division.

Templates are assigned to pages by way of their association with a menu. (Joomla creates a unique URL for content in the process of linking the content to a menu. See Step E in Chapter 4 on page 53.) The default template is used for all pages that aren’t assigned a different template.

To assign a template, other than the default template, to a menu item or series of menu items:

01Login to your Joomla administrator backend.

02Open the Template Manager

Click on Extensions and then click on Template Manager.

03Assign templates to menu items

Click on the name of the template that you want to assign to specific menu items.

  1. Click on the radio button titled “Select from List” in the menu assignment area. This will activate the pick list underneath.
    b. You can use the Control key in combination with your mouse to select multiple menu items for the template selection.
    c. Click Save when you are finished.

04Assign to non-default pages

If you want the default template to apply to the menus you did not select, there is nothing else you need to do.

05Assign other templates

If you have multiple templates to apply, repeat this process until you are finished. The default template will apply in all other situations.…

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