Top Five Gifts for Your Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

Top Five Gifts for Your Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

20 Best Valentine's Day Gifts Ideas for Girlfriend and Boyfriends in 2019

Valentine’s Day is one of the most important day for couples. It’s the day to really show your girlfriend that you truly care about her. But that doesn’t mean getting the most expensive and lavish box of chocolate off of the rack. Showing that you really care means putting time and effort into your special gift for lover, not money. So, try out some of these creative ideas!

  1. Balloons

It’s not as easy and simple as it sounds. Us girls love the little things in life, from the cute trinkets to the aroma of Bath and Body Works products. So, buy around a dozen balloons and fill them up with cute little gifts (make sure the gifts aren’t too heavy, so they won’t sink the balloon). Blow them up (yes, with helium) so you can give them to your girlfriend as a bouquet. The best part about this is popping the balloons to see what’s inside. So fun!

  1. Coupons

Not the ones you get in the mail everyday. You can create some handmade coupons that your girlfriend can use any time. These may include a back massage, or a movie night with friends. Remember to keep the coupons neat and organized. Spend time decorating them with glitter, ribbons, etc. to show that you put effort into the present.

  1. Poem

Ok, you probably have heard of this idea way too often. But it’s actually really romantic if you actually take the time to write one. I know my favorite presents are always poems, because they really make me feel special. Think of some creative phrases, and make them giggle every now and then. Who knows. You may even be able to learn a little something for language arts!

  1. Scarf

Guys can knit too. And it’s an even better gift if it’s coming from a guy. Knit a pretty scarf for your girlfriend, most preferably in the colors pink, red, or white. A guy knitting a scarf shows that they have a nice, sensitive side to them, which is always what a girl wants.

  1. It’s Raining Love

Look for some red, pink, and white construction paper. Cut out as many hearts as possible (the more, the better!). On each one of them, write about a memorable occassion, to show that you really care about your relationship. Then, tape some string onto the hearts and string them onto the ceiling so it looks like it’s raining hearts.…

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