Login into Joomla Admin Panel

Login into Joomla Admin Panel

What URL is used to log into the admin panel?

Live website: If your joomla site is live, then the URL to log into the admin panel would be:

Live website in a folder: If your Joomla install is in a folder on the hosting account, you would login like this:

It’s important that the word administrator be all lower case, and the name of your folder be the exact case of the folder on the server.

Not-live website: If your hosting account does not point to a live website, the Joomla administrator may look something like this:
or where is the IP address of the server. 

If your site is not live and you are not sure what URL to use, contact technical support for your Joomla hosting company.

How can you tell if your site is live?

If your site is live, you would have done one of two things when you set up your hosting account:

1) If you purchased a URL ( when you created your hosting account, then you are set up with a live URL.

2) If you had a URL then bought a hosting account, and followed the instructions to point your domain name servers (DNS) to the new hosting account, you have a live URL. This would have required you to log into the service where you bought the URL (such as

If you put in a previously registered domain name when signing up for hosting, but did nothing with the DNS with those domain names, your account may be called by the name of the URL, but the URL is not live. A good way to tell is simply type in the URL of your domain. Does it take you to a parked page or your old site, or does it take you to a page on your new hosting account?

Is your hosting account not yet set up with a live URL?

In the case of a company like Rochen, you aren’t required to point the DNS for the URL to the server before using your new account. In the welcome email they send you, they give you the optional login for your account. Other hosting companies will likely do the same. For Rochen the Joomla admin login URL is:

If your Joomla install is in a folder on the hosting account, you would login like this:

Other hosting companies have a similar configuration for accessing yoru hosting account before you point a live URL at it.

Login into Joomla Admin Panel

Once you find the right login, you will see the Administrator Login panel.

Put in your username and password and press the Login button. You have now logged into the administrator side of your Joomla interface.…

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