Fixing Line Break Problems in Joomla Articles

One of the issues we’ve seen repeatedly in Joomla is a challenge with line breaks. What this means is you’re editing an article, and you cannot remove a line break that is there. Like the display conflict (what you’re editing doesn’t looking like your actual site page), this is one of the little annoyances we put up with because everything else in Joomla is so excellent.

How do you know if you have a line break issue?

You put your cursor after the line break, and you hit delete, and nothing happens. This tells you the system is being stubborn and won’t remove your line break.

How to add a line break:

There are three ways of adding a line break in text:

  1. Create a headline out of text
    If you highlight a portion of text and select a headline style from the format menu, you will create a line break before and after this text. Type that is in two different styles cannot reside on the same line.
  2. Hard Return
    Click your cursor when you want to create a line break, then hit the return button. This is called a hard return, which creates a new paragraph.
  3. Soft Return
    Click your cursor where you want a line break, hold down the shift key, and then hit return. This is called a soft return. If your template is set up to put spaces after paragraphs, you would want to use a soft return when you want there to be a line break but you don’t want the extra gap between the lines.

How to remove a stubborn line break:

  1. Close the article
    Save your article so it will close, then open it again and try to remove the line break.
  2. Delete the text and retype
    Highlight the text before and after your line break, hit delete, and retype your text.
  3. Go into the HTML code and delete the line break. 
  4. You would click the HTML icon  on the tool bar, and then search for the area where you are having the line break problem (use your browser’s find feature and type in a word or two of the text you are seeking).
  5. You will see <p> tags, which are hard returns or paragraph marks. You may also see <br /> tags, which are soft returns. Deleting these marks where you are having trouble should remove the line break.
  6. There may be other tags you don’t recognize that are creating the problem. All tags would be displayed between < > marks. If removing the <p> and <br /> tags doesn’t work, removing any other tags in the area may solve the problem.
  7. Remember that you can always cancel out of an article so the article will close without saving changes, so no worries about making a mistake.

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