Firebug Helping CSS Customization

Firebug Helping CSS Customization

What do you understand by CSS?

CSS files have CSS codes in it which helps in designing the style and appearance and theme of your web page. Typically CSS is the abbreviation for Cascading Style Sheets. It is used to make your web page more attractive and eye-catching with the support of Wild Apricot, a product of CSS. It is however used to define a certain level of heading or giving the site a new look or style.

Meaning of Firebug

Firefox is a vital tool for Firefox which is used to edit a WordPress theme. With the help of this you will be able to customize according to your need and requirement on a particular issue. It works in real time basis so any changes made to the site can be viewed in real time., However it can not support permanent changes. In order to make any changes you have to code the program in the notepad or in any text file.

Firebug is supported by Mozila’s Firefox which assist you in adding up the required element to your WordPress theme style sheet. It can be otherwise termed as a secret weapon in the hands of the web designer. Firebug measure and illustrate everything that you want for your web page such as offsets, padding, margins, and sizes etc. With the help of a Firebug You can debug, edit, monitor and regulate HTML, CSS, and JavaScript live documents in web pages.

Firebug Helps CSS Customization

In Firefox you will find a Firebug’s CSS tabs which guide you in changing your site on your web page as per your requirement. Apart from the changes listed down there if you need any other changes also, it will enable you to do so by implementing the same that you need to be in your page, known as customized changes.

The cascade gives you a standard set format or guideline to manage changes to your designed page. You can take Firebug as a rule book supported by Firefox that cascade to effect the element of style. It knows better whether a link should show a black or blue color. Firebug gives you a lot of suggested options as well as assist you in picking the best option to customize the design of your page. It is equipped with many back links. For each element of style a design it has certain rules and stored properties to be followed. The rules are however attached to the application through backlinks therefore it lessens your worry. You do not have to wander here and there for making any changes. What exactly you have to do is that just simply go to the link and give an easy click. It will take you to the source and apply the changes to your document.

The below are some important aspects as how Firebug assists CSS customization.

Showing images, colors, and fonts:

As we all know the CSS tab have a wide range of selection suggestion to give your web page a new attractive look. So when you drag your mouse near to gradients, colors, font or images it will give you a small tool-tip previewing a detail sheet for example the font preview will give you a list of different styles of text and many more.

Everything at a click:

Editing CSS is now just like a child’s play. By Clicking the CSS property you will be immediately encountered with a little text editor box which will help you to apply changes in no time to your web page. To go to the next property you can use the tab button while to cancel any changes made to the document the escape key can be used.

Managing text and numeric:

It is a good time saving technique as we all know because it supports Autocomplete which takes text automatically without being typed in the page but what in case of numeric ? Yes, it also supports numbers to line up perfectly just by increasing or decreasing the number by one. Always use up and down arrow keys to edit the numbers. You will be landing up with minimal mistakes.

Sharpen your vocabulary

CSS will also help you in learning and managing your vocabulary. It has a CSS keyword complete dictionary with a wide selection range of vocabulary in its memory to refer to. Always make sure to use the up and down arrow key to make changes or to get select a word from the alphabetical order suggestion list.

Effective for all style sheets

No doubt styles and changes can be updated using HTML code but that is for a single web page document only. If you need to give the same effect to all the pages in your web document then you have to do it times and again, however with the help of CSS tab you will be able to make changes to all the pages of the web page simultaneously.

Source Live edits

Firebug support realtime processing so it works on live objects, for editing also it can do directly without disturbing the source code but in CSS the user has to edit the source code first in order to make the changes in the main document.…

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