Best Places to Find Help on the Web to Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Best Places to Find Help on the Web to Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Self-esteem in children 1-8 years | Raising Children NetworkMy son’s self confidence was next to none, I was terribly unsure of what I could do to change that. He had little self esteem and was failing in school. He had few friends and just seemed genuinely unhappy with himself. I didn’t know where to turn, so I started researching on the Internet. I found these sites that literally helped my son become the confident, self-assured person he is today. He is doing very well in school and I couldn’t have done it without these sites to guide me in the right direction. These websites saved my son and if your child is experiencing self confidence issues to any degree they truly will help them too.

The first site I cam upon and which helped the most was It had a Q&A section which I found completely helpful. This site helps you to learn what can causes low self confidence and helps you to build your child’s. There is also a quiz to see if your child is just expressing bad behavior. Tremendous amount of links and tools to help your child. This site gives you tips and advice on building your child’s self-esteem. It shows various ways to appreciate, encourage, praise, respect and ways to deal with failure. It lists factors that affect children’s self-esteem and ways to increase it. This site even recommends books available from This site is very thorough about defining the four conditions of self esteem in children, a sense of connectiveness, a sense of uniqueness, a sense of power and a sense of models. It explains each condition and what children need to feel to develop each condition. It also shows you how to build on each condition which is needed in positive self-esteem. This site is from Mental Health. It is also available for download through PDF. It gives you a number at the bottom of the page if you wish to learn more about children’s mental health. It’s a small informational site but calling the phone number will get you some free publications on children’s mental health. From Women Today Magazine, it provides a short list of four ways to build your child’s self esteem. The author of the article is Gary Direnfeld, a child-behavior expert, a social worker, and the author of Raising Kids Without Raising Cane from Ontario Canada. Last but definitely not least, another site I used was this one from Family Rapp. It gives you an extensive list of praises that destroy self-esteem, something none of the other sites offered. Also, they list praises that will help to build self-esteem. I would definitely recommend looking at both these lists and especially the list that shows the praises that destroy self-esteem. This will make you stop and think about things you say that could be harmful and not even realize it.

So if your child is experiencing any problems with their self-esteem these sites can really help. There is a vast wealth of information available on the Internet but I listed just the few above which were the ones that really helped me build my child’s esteem the most. Remember it takes love, praise, respect, understanding and of course some patience.…

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