Three Websites for Booklovers: BookCrossing, GreenMetropolis and ABE Books

Three Websites for Booklovers: BookCrossing, GreenMetropolis and ABE Books

City of Glory: A Novel of War and Desire in Old Manhattan by Beverly  Swerling


Are you a bookworm? If you enjoy reading books, discussing books and collecting books, then here are three websites for you.

Do you love to read, discover new books, collect classics and share stories with people? Are books your passion?

If the answer is yes then here are three websites for you. Places where you can find books, discuss books, swap books and even do the environment some good along the way.


What is it?: An international book swapping website.

Where is it?:

Reason to visit: With “688,274 people in over 130 countries”, BookCrossing is a massive and hugely active website. The idea behind it is that people who have finished reading a book release it into the wild.

Each time you finish a book you register it on BookCrossing which generates a unique code. You write this code in the book cover then simply leave the book somewhere or give it to a friend. Each time somebody finds the book they can visit the BookCrossing website and type in the code which will bring up a diary of all the places that book has been and lets the people who have read it say what they thought.

With a community newsletter and message forum the site is an excellent place to meet other book fanatics and discuss your favourite reads.


What is it?: A way to buy cheap second-hand books and plant trees.

Where is it?:

Reason to visit: GreenMetropolis is a highly innovative British enterprise which is at present only available to people in the UK. Watch this space though, there’s a strong chance it’ll go global very soon.

The idea is a simple one: all books, no matter how big, small, new or old sell for £3.75/$7.50 and all books are bought for £3/$6 with free delivery on standard paperbacks anywhere in the UK. 5p/10c of every sale goes to the Woodland Trust’s Tree for All tree planting scheme and by recycling second-hand books you’re already helping to save existing trees.

The site also contains a very comprehensive FAQ and a wish-list function.

ABE Books

What is it?: A great site for finding rare and out-of-print books.

Where is it?: in America or in the UK

Reason to visit: ABE Books is a network of reputable new and second-hand book dealers which means that when you run a search for an author or title it’s like you’ve just been browsing through every bright shiny Waterstones and every dusty little back-street store across the country. For this reason it’s absolutely brilliant for tracking down books that you can’t get hold of anywhere else, from local history to occultism, antiquarian tomes to obscure biographies – have a nose through this site.…

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