Buying Guide to LCD Flat Panel TVs

Buying Guide to LCD Flat Panel TVs

How to Choose the Right TV for Your Home Theater Setup


These days, more and more people are in the market for a new LCD flat panel TV. Why is this? More than likely, it’s because more and more people want a better quality of picture while at the same time taking up much less space. As you read on, not only will you have more of an idea about what makes LCD flat panel TVs so much better, but also shopping tips and what you may want to look for in yours.

LCDs, meaning liquid crystal displays, weigh much less than CRTs (cathode ray tubes) and at the same time are no where near as big. Those two advantages alone can be enough to make the consumer consider purchasing an LCD flat panel TV. In fact, LCD isn’t just made for televisions. It’s also used in other electronics such as computer monitors, some digital clocks, microwaves, and even sometimes watches.

The term liquid crystal does sound quite contradictory. This is because it is actually neither liquid nor solid. They kind of exist between the two, maintaining their shape and position like a solid object would while at the same time moving all around as liquid does. You would be fair in saying that LCs are more of a liquid than a solid, seeing as how it takes less heat to become completely liquid from the liquid crystal stage than becoming liquid crystal would from a solid. This is a reason why LCs are used to make many thermometers these days, because they are so temperature sensitive.

Many LCD flat panel TVs have a wide variety of useful features. First, you would have to decide what size LCD TV you want to get. They range from many sizes all the way from under 20 inches to over 100 inches. Once you’ve found the proper space for it, keeping in mind that you can mount most LCD flat panel TVs to the wall, it’s time to look at other specifications.

Most televisions have speakers built in, so that would be something you wouldn’t have to worry about. But you may want to look into what kind of input terminals it comes with, just in case you want to include surround sound, receiver, DVD player, etc. Many LCD flat panels come with light sensors these days, which allows the level of brightness on the screen to be heightened with surrounding light.

Some LCD flat screen TVs have a PC input which lets you connect your PC monitor to your television so that you can display what is on your PC on your TV. This is very useful if you spend a lot of time on your computer as it could be better on your eyes and the picture may be much clearer. There are many factors to look into when purchasing an LCD flat panel TV, so you may wish to do research on the television that you’re interested in or even ask the sales clerk.

When looking for the ideal LCD flat panel, keep in mind that the prices are constantly dropping, as new technology makes its way into the electronic section of your local appliance store. You may want to check out three, four, or even five different places before you make your purchase. You may find the exact TV that you want, buy it, and then find it the next day at another store for $100.00 less. So you should always be on the look out for better deals. Right now Best Buy has a 26 inch Sony Bravia LCD flat panel TV for $1,300. Included are more than ten different inputs, a light sensor, PC input, ENERGY STAR (which assures a high standard of energy efficiency), a one year parts a labor warrantee, and many more features.

At the same time at Circuit City, they have the exact same LCD flat panel TV with the exact same warrantees for $1,400. So there’s just one example of how you should shop around even after you find exactly what you’re looking for.

If you remember to keep certain specifications that you’re looking for in mind while at the same time not emptying out your wallet, you’ll come home with the LCD flat panel TV of your dreams. Don’t forget that you can always check online too, you may find what you want even cheaper that any of the stores that you’ve visited.…

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