4 Tips to make your eCommerce Website a Winner

4 Tips to make your eCommerce Website a Winner

There are a number of eCommerce websites in the market, which are highly successful. The success of such websites can be attributed to some novel methods, which helps them increase the potential customer base and conversion ratio. Let us take a look at four unique tips the use of which can make your eCommerce website a clear winner like other successful websites.

Persuade them subtly to buy your product

A lot of eCommerce websites indirectly persuade their users to make a purchase by convincing them that they have a need for the products being sold on these sites. They do this with the help of various videos, which are related to the products sold on the site.

Suppose your site is about household gadgets like vacuum cleaners. So, what you can do is upload a video tutorial related to the gadget such as a ‘How to’ video, which shows users how they can assemble the vacuum cleaner and use it in different corners of their house. Or if your site is about kitchen appliances, you can upload videos of easy-to-make recipes, which can be made by using these appliances. In this way, the users will be able to relate to your products and feel the need to buy them from your site.

Give them a detailed product description

Always give a detailed description about the products on your website. Suppose you have an eCommerce website, which sells books. In this case, you can give a detailed description of the books.

For instance, you can mention whether a particular book is hardbound/paperback, the edition of the book, a brief introduction about the book, the number of copies sold till date and ratings. I would like to give you another example here (although it is not from an eCommerce website); I recently visited this website of a renowned car company. It had an option wherein I could take a virtual tour of the car’s interior. Each part of the interior of the car was well-labeled with a description in text box, which gave me a fair idea about it.

You can think of doing something similar in your site as well; this will help your customers take an informed decision in favor of your website.

Get rid of clutter on your web pages

You must have heard the adage ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’; similarly, too many options on your site confuse online shoppers. Don’t go overboard and give your users a hundred options (thinking that this will impress them), when you can do with only four or five options. Instead, make it a point to use a clutter-free, clean layout on your web pages and give your users limited but well-researched options, taking into account their needs. This will help them take a decision quickly without getting confused.

Personalize their shopping experience

Give your customers a personalized shopping experience, when they visit your site. For e.g. I know of a leading sports shoe brand, which gives its users the option to walk-in to their stores and order custom-made shoes. All that the users have to do is choose each and every part that makes up the whole shoe be it- the sole, laces, pattern or the color of the shoe, and place their order.

You can follow this approach on your website i.e. let your customers decide what they want. For instance, if your website sells furniture, give them an option to assemble their own furniture. Or if the site is about wallpapers, give them a virtual room, and let them apply various wallpapers on the walls, to help them decide, which ones they want for their homes. This method helps engage the users and makes your website popular amongst them.

Summing it up

These are four tips, using which you can make your website different from numerous run-of-the-mill eCommerce website and emerge as a clear winner on the market.…

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