4 Reasons to Consider Mobile in Your E-Commerce Strategy

4 Reasons to Consider Mobile in Your E-Commerce Strategy

E-commerce is expanding. If in the past several years, it was exclusive to users accessing the Internet through PCs, these days, mobile users are also getting into the fray. That is because modern smartphones have advanced capabilities to log online. Now, Internet browsing can be performed using mobile phones.

It is not surprising that mobile e-commerce is getting bigger. More consumers use mobile phones to connect to the Internet. Thus, most e-commerce sites now redesign and establish versions of their sites that are specifically useful for mobile browsing. Mobile transactions are also getting more common. Here are logical reasons for you to adopt strategies for mobile e-commerce.

1.There is rising demand.

Smartphone adoption is rising anywhere in the world. For instance, in the US alone, ownership of smartphones that can facilitate Internet browsing now stands at 46% of the mobile market. Thus, the market for e-commerce consumers via mobile platforms is ever expanding. There is a logical increase in demand for mobile e-commerce.

2.Mobile shopping is gaining popularity.

Numerous consumers are adopting mobile shopping for buying digital and physical goods. The rapid adoption rate is encouraging more retailers to establish their own mobile presence. Thus, mobile e-commerce has become an opportunity and a necessity for merchants. Mobile shopping is popular because it facilitates checking out and buying items using mobile devices.

3.Mobile apps are getting more useful.

Mobile apps are considered the best friends of modern mobile users. Those are features that further draw more shoppers into mobile e-commerce. The apps are more preferred because those facilitate better and more seamless way to find products and services on mobile. The features and functions are specific and are especially designed to make finding and buying items a breeze.

4.Mobile shopping can be performed while on the go.

People who are always on the go take advantage of the capability of modern smartphones and mobile devices to connect to the Internet. The users can now go online wherever they go, anytime of the day. There is no need to bring a laptop or to find a desktop PC just to browse shopping sites. By using mobile Internet, shopping is made easier, faster, more convenient, and safer.

In 2010, PayPal, the most popular online money transferring and transacting site, revealed that mobile payments during the Black Friday event for that year jumped 650% from the figure in 2008. The high volume of mobile payments was retained in 2011 and 2012. This is a clear indication that there are more consumers today who prefer mobile shopping. E-commerce players should take note of this and seize the opportunity to reach out to more prospective customers.…

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