Getting the Right Joomla Editor

Getting the Right Joomla Editor

Before you begin editing articles, we recommend that you change the editor in Joomla. The core editor for Joomla is very basic, and it sometimes requires greater technical knowledge to manipulate.

We would recommend you download and install the JCE Content Editor. This is the editor we will use to explain how to edit articles. In the cases where JCE is different from the core editor, we will provide links to tutorials that give further instructions.

Install the JCE Content Editor

  1. Download the  from the developer’s website.
  2. Go back to your Joomla administrator panel, and select Install/Uninstall from the Extensions menu.
  3. In the first section of this screen is the Upload Package field. Click browse and go select the zip file on your computer.
  4. Click “Upload File & Install”
  5. Congratulations, you just installed the editor. You should now get a confirmation screen letting you know that the installation was successful

Assigning the JCE Content Editor to a User

Once you install the editor, you have to tell Joomla that you want to use it when you edit articles. When you install Joomla, the default editor is assigned to every user in the system. When you install a new editor, you will have to assign it to every user who wants to use it.

  1. From the site menu (far left), select User Manager.
  2. Look for your name amongst the users, and click on your name to edit your user preferences.
  3. On the right hand side of the screen, the third drop-down says User Editor. From the drop-down, select Editor – JCE.
  4. Click save in the top right corner.

Congratulations! You have just installed your first Extension in Joomla, and you have configured it so you can use it. Wasn’t that easy? Now you’re ready to edit your articles.

4 Reasons to Consider Mobile in Your E-Commerce Strategy

4 Reasons to Consider Mobile in Your E-Commerce Strategy

E-commerce is expanding. If in the past several years, it was exclusive to users accessing the Internet through PCs, these days, mobile users are also getting into the fray. That is because modern smartphones have advanced capabilities to log online. Now, Internet browsing can be performed using mobile phones.

It is not surprising that mobile e-commerce is getting bigger. More consumers use mobile phones to connect to the Internet. Thus, most e-commerce sites now redesign and establish versions of their sites that are specifically useful for mobile browsing. Mobile transactions are also getting more common. Here are logical reasons for you to adopt strategies for mobile e-commerce.

1.There is rising demand.

Smartphone adoption is rising anywhere in the world. For instance, in the US alone, ownership of smartphones that can facilitate Internet browsing now stands at 46% of the mobile market. Thus, the market for e-commerce consumers via mobile platforms is ever expanding. There is a logical increase in demand for mobile e-commerce.

2.Mobile shopping is gaining popularity.

Numerous consumers are adopting mobile shopping for buying digital and physical goods. The rapid adoption rate is encouraging more retailers to establish their own mobile presence. Thus, mobile e-commerce has become an opportunity and a necessity for merchants. Mobile shopping is popular because it facilitates checking out and buying items using mobile devices.

3.Mobile apps are getting more useful.

Mobile apps are considered the best friends of modern mobile users. Those are features that further draw more shoppers into mobile e-commerce. The apps are more preferred because those facilitate better and more seamless way to find products and services on mobile. The features and functions are specific and are especially designed to make finding and buying items a breeze.

4.Mobile shopping can be performed while on the go.

People who are always on the go take advantage of the capability of modern smartphones and mobile devices to connect to the Internet. The users can now go online wherever they go, anytime of the day. There is no need to bring a laptop or to find a desktop PC just to browse shopping sites. By using mobile Internet, shopping is made easier, faster, more convenient, and safer.

In 2010, PayPal, the most popular online money transferring and transacting site, revealed that mobile payments during the Black Friday event for that year jumped 650% from the figure in 2008. The high volume of mobile payments was retained in 2011 and 2012. This is a clear indication that there are more consumers today who prefer mobile shopping. E-commerce players should take note of this and seize the opportunity to reach out to more prospective customers.…

Optimising eCommerce Strategies: The Holistic Approach and Frameworks

Optimising eCommerce Strategies: The Holistic Approach and Frameworks

The truly revolutionary impact of the Internet revolution can be seen through eCommerce development. This explosive emergence of the internet business as a major worldwide distribution channel of good and services is something which probably no one had foreseen it a few years ago. The eCommerce has profoundly changed the market and industry, economics, consumer segmentation, consumer behaviour and their values and product and services and their flow. However, the impact may be even greater in our societies and above all the manner we see the world and ourselves in it.

As eCommerce is a growing market, thus every aspect of it should be optimized to provide excellent service to the consumers. As the chances of expanding your business remains higher through eCommerce development, however, the most important question is “HOW” to implement the successful approaches and the right framework for a successful online venture.

Well, through extensive studies and researches, I have found some of the best strategies and solutions to help you grow as a successful Etailers.

The four major approaches for eCommerce development:


Customer Centricity:

Allow your customer to shop what they want especially through the three important channel- web, store and mobile and measure the offline sale.

Choice and consistency:

The long-tail product strategy is important for a multi – channel retailer.

It is key to use customer insight for better synchronized marketing and optimizing the products and services.


It is important to analyse the market to understand the market size, market attractiveness and target customer. The awareness of the technological trend and your key consumer is critical to support your own choice. However, if you opt for social media strategy, you need to ensure that it is actively managed and well supported.

Experts are predicting that mobile commerce is likely the one area which is gaining in popularity. It is vital to include devices as a touch point approach to ensure web and mobile is catered for.

Decide your investment plan with regard to the digital aspect.  There is a need for high capital when purchasing hardware, building the back-end, the front-end and back-office, building the securities and building the redundancy while you have the option of running your digital presence in the virtual cloud. Besides, you should understand the risks associated with such high investments such as

             What service levels are promised? What redundancies are guaranteed? And what recourse do  you have?

         Understand how well is your critical data secured? Whether it is in line with the governance charter and data security of your board?

          What are the cost structures? Is it a commission per sale or a cost per transaction?

It is key that your business goes digital with the system which will enable the business’s multi-channel strategy through managing the customer data integration.


One of the key factors is the integration of the online channel with the other channels in the supply chain. However, many businesses are shifting from stand-alone fulfilment to matrix fulfilment strategy. These involve:

Pick and pack in store.

Pick and pack in DC, ship to customer.

Pick and pack in DC, ship to store.

Pick and pack at supplier, ship to customer.

Pick and pack at the supplier, ship to store.

The key to ensure secured margins and retail selling price is to build the correct distribution channel which will offer an understanding of the costs and complexity in the various channels involved in the business.


Core competence is required to drive the following:

Traffic or customer marketing that includes:

Community development

Search engine optimization

Shopping site expansion

E-mail expansion

Affiliate marketing

Site relevance that includes:

Shopping cart improvement

Cross/up selling

Site relevancy and re-targeting

Product discovery

Conversion that includes:

Product content improvement

Product review improvement

Navigational improvement

Re-launch user review program

Social media that includes:

Integration of Facebook, Twitter and WI Ki

The integration of UGC.

As you now have the best approaches with you, have you ever thought about the solution of any problem that might occur in the due course of time? Well, if you have not, then I have the top four popular eCommerce solutions for any problem that arise.


This is an important online shopping solution for your eCommerce website that allows trouble-free shopping to the shoppers. It integrates better functionality than any other shopping cart system. Some of its improved features involve Payment Gateways, Multi-Language, search Engine Optimization, 8+ Shipping methods, Unlimited Manufacturers and many more to add. In addition, OpenCart allow customers to write suggestions and reviews for any product or services.


This framework has excellent featured back-office application that allows crucial business operations such as orders, shipping, inventory and customers in real-time. PrestaShop with its latest security technology allow payment directly to your commercial bank account. You can get unlimited amazing themes including responsive themes to set up an online product store.


VirtueMart is an excellent plugin for Joomla. It enables you to add unlimited number of products and categories to your online venture. This online plugin distributes the sale of downloadable products when the shopping cart feature is off. VirtueMart plugin is best for supporting different prices for a single product.


Packed with amazing features, osCommerce delivers the exact needs of every business by providing complete store solutions to the online business. The greatest feature of this plugin is that it is loaded with innumerable Add-ons which can be customized according to the client’s requirements.

If you fail to connect with your customer, someone else will do the needful. Thus, explore these approaches and the frameworks as much as possible to help your online venture grow efficiently.…