How to Drive Traffic to Your Website the Right Way

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website the Right Way

3 ways to attract traffic to your website - Zoho Blog


Whether a website or a blog, many people want the traffic to start immediately. Simply wanting to know how to drive traffic to your website isn’t enough, you need answers. There are generally five things that you can do to help your website get traffic no matter what topic your blog or website is in.

Website Content

There is no way around it, if you want repeat page views and hits; you are going to have to have good content. Endless lists or just a URL farm isn’t going to cut it when people click on your page. Have an engaging voice, talk about your topic with a tone that is pleasing to most people, and the traffic will follow. Word of mouth advertising can net you more page views and traffic hits than the best social networking site. If you are unable to keep good error free content on your site and the site’s traffic is your number one priority, I suggest hiring out writers to write your content for you.

Website Presentation

Flash sites and neon colors are not going to win you points in the race for website traffic. Make the site easy on the eyes and without popups. The less “going on” with the website, the more the browser is going to focus on staying and reading what you have to say and how you are saying it. Also the pages will load faster, eliminating people from clicking off your website out of annoyance.

First Run Quality

Similar to the “website content” rule, you will need to make sure that your articles and blog posts are original. Reprints are thoroughly looked down upon by Google and actual humans, and this will not give you extra traffic. In fact as you are hindered in search engines, you are actually driving traffic away from your website by doing this.

Quality content comes from evergreen content. You may have heard the term evergreen before. This just means that your content should not be “old news”. A post on what’s going to be on next week’s “Gossip Girl”? Not evergreen. Doing a post on the best way to add fiber into your diet? Evergreen.

Be Proactive

Put a link in your signature of your email program to your website or blog. Twitter or Digg each time you write a post or article, just remember to link to the “permalink” or permanent website address of the actual post or article and not to the general landing page of the site. This way it will not look like you are spamming your website, another huge bad sign that will leave viewers with a bad taste in their mouths. Learn a bit about social networking and what it can and cannot do for you. Just remember, be active in the communities that you are going to post your website to, don’t just join up and drop a link.

Be Yourself

Lastly, just be yourself. Don’t go into active salesman mode and want to sell your readers on everything. Don’t have money on your mind. Have a real love of what you are doing, what you are saying, what the writing on the page means. If you believe in yourself, aren’t ashamed at what you are saying to the world, then other people will want to read it too.…

Buying Guide to LCD Flat Panel TVs

Buying Guide to LCD Flat Panel TVs

How to Choose the Right TV for Your Home Theater Setup


These days, more and more people are in the market for a new LCD flat panel TV. Why is this? More than likely, it’s because more and more people want a better quality of picture while at the same time taking up much less space. As you read on, not only will you have more of an idea about what makes LCD flat panel TVs so much better, but also shopping tips and what you may want to look for in yours.

LCDs, meaning liquid crystal displays, weigh much less than CRTs (cathode ray tubes) and at the same time are no where near as big. Those two advantages alone can be enough to make the consumer consider purchasing an LCD flat panel TV. In fact, LCD isn’t just made for televisions. It’s also used in other electronics such as computer monitors, some digital clocks, microwaves, and even sometimes watches.

The term liquid crystal does sound quite contradictory. This is because it is actually neither liquid nor solid. They kind of exist between the two, maintaining their shape and position like a solid object would while at the same time moving all around as liquid does. You would be fair in saying that LCs are more of a liquid than a solid, seeing as how it takes less heat to become completely liquid from the liquid crystal stage than becoming liquid crystal would from a solid. This is a reason why LCs are used to make many thermometers these days, because they are so temperature sensitive.

Many LCD flat panel TVs have a wide variety of useful features. First, you would have to decide what size LCD TV you want to get. They range from many sizes all the way from under 20 inches to over 100 inches. Once you’ve found the proper space for it, keeping in mind that you can mount most LCD flat panel TVs to the wall, it’s time to look at other specifications.

Most televisions have speakers built in, so that would be something you wouldn’t have to worry about. But you may want to look into what kind of input terminals it comes with, just in case you want to include surround sound, receiver, DVD player, etc. Many LCD flat panels come with light sensors these days, which allows the level of brightness on the screen to be heightened with surrounding light.

Some LCD flat screen TVs have a PC input which lets you connect your PC monitor to your television so that you can display what is on your PC on your TV. This is very useful if you spend a lot of time on your computer as it could be better on your eyes and the picture may be much clearer. There are many factors to look into when purchasing an LCD flat panel TV, so you may wish to do research on the television that you’re interested in or even ask the sales clerk.

When looking for the ideal LCD flat panel, keep in mind that the prices are constantly dropping, as new technology makes its way into the electronic section of your local appliance store. You may want to check out three, four, or even five different places before you make your purchase. You may find the exact TV that you want, buy it, and then find it the next day at another store for $100.00 less. So you should always be on the look out for better deals. Right now Best Buy has a 26 inch Sony Bravia LCD flat panel TV for $1,300. Included are more than ten different inputs, a light sensor, PC input, ENERGY STAR (which assures a high standard of energy efficiency), a one year parts a labor warrantee, and many more features.

At the same time at Circuit City, they have the exact same LCD flat panel TV with the exact same warrantees for $1,400. So there’s just one example of how you should shop around even after you find exactly what you’re looking for.

If you remember to keep certain specifications that you’re looking for in mind while at the same time not emptying out your wallet, you’ll come home with the LCD flat panel TV of your dreams. Don’t forget that you can always check online too, you may find what you want even cheaper that any of the stores that you’ve visited.…

Increasing Traffic to Your Website

Increasing Traffic to Your Website

23 Effective Ways to Increase Traffic To Your Website

Attracting and Keeping Visitors to Your Site!

It’s not enough to build a website, you need to have traffic for get people to see it! Whether you are selling products or just offering information, you need visitors! Adding your site to search engines is one way of generating traffic, but there are many other ways to attract visitors. Here are some possibilities to try.

  1. Offer a contest or sweepstakes with free entry. The prize that they win should be something that would interest your target market. For example, don’t offer a free filet mignon if you are targeting vegetarians! The prize could be a product or service that you offer, or it could be a related item that is not direct competition. You can also boost traffic by using another company’s product and asking them to let *their* customers know about your free giveaway!
  2. Offer free content. This content could be articles, e-books, directories, etc. Don’t just add any content, make sure it is related to your visitor demographic. Keep this content up to date and fresh. Not only will lots of fresh, targeted content make your website more relevant in search engines, but will offer your prospective customers extra information. They are likely to visit your site more often. You can also offer the option to let them reprint information (such as articles or reviews), with a link back to your site.
  3. Create a message forum. Forums allow a free flow of ideas, and your target visitors share at least one common interest – your site! An active message board can bring lots of new visitors. If you have satisfied customers posting on your message board, this is free advertising for your business! You may also choose to offer advertising on your message board. If you are not selling a product, set up an advertising package for banners or other site ads which are related to the interests of your visitors. You can find free message board software at or These sites also offer online help to set up the message boards on your site.
  4. Offer an E-zine. People love information, especially if it’s free! Offer a free subsription to your online newsletter or e-zine. You can either offer a PDF file of your newsletter, or provide an email link to the information online. Either way works well, although you would need to have Adobe Acrobat software to write the PDF files. Keep the content of the e-zine relevant to your target audience. You may also offer advertising in the e-zine itself. A great place to advertise your e-zine is
  5. Offer online classes or seminars. If you love to teach, this is a wonderful traffic building tool. Whether or not you choose to charge for these is up to you. You could do a free introductory seminar, and then offer other detailed classes for a fee. You can do this on your own website, or you can set it up through a site such as
    With UniversalClass, they host your class for you and you are assigned an individual online classroom. You must prepare an online syllabus and your course will be reviewed. UniversalClass will advertise your course for you, and you will get a portion of the course fees.

A combination of fresh content, free services, free information and exchange of ideas can result in a lot of new visitors to your website. Being creative is what will set your site apart from all the others!…

Secure Your Computer and Make Internet Web Browsing Safe for Your Kids

Secure Your Computer and Make Internet Web Browsing Safe for Your Kids

How To Keep Children Safe On The Internet: Tips For Web Safety



In the series of steps to take keeping your kids safe online, the second step is to secure administrative permissions on the computer.

Each computer has an administrator account, which has full power over the computer. This should not be the account which your child is using. Although your child may not intentionally wish to cause harm to the computer, or change any system settings, if your child unwittingly allows a virus to be installed or to be run, it will only have the power associated with the child’s account. Therefore, less damage can be done within a limited account, if the virus is able to be installed at all.

If you only have one account set up on your computer, and it starts automatically without prompting you to login, that means everyone is using the computer as administrator. For convenience and safety, you should create an administrator account (I name it “parent”) and a “limited” account for each child.

Because this limited child account is only for convenience, rather than security, I recommend that the child account have no password. It will be simple for the child to click his/her picture to log in. If the child is skeptical about why this is necessary, point out that now he or she can customize all the settings such as wallpaper, and screensavers. You will know that also the child can save his or her own files without disrupting or accidentally viewing your files. I name the administrator account “parent” for use by all the adults in the house, and assign a password assuming that at some point it will be discovered despite my best efforts – perhaps by a shoulder surfing child. So choose a password that your child will not guess (you would be surprised at how good they are at guessing these things) and your spouse can remember, but not your top secret password you use for other purposes. The name of a current or favorite pet is a great choice.

An account which is not an administrator account is called a “limited” account. You can become very specific about how you would like the account to be limited, such as not allowing certain programs, but generally just making it a limited account will be sufficient. If your child tries to install software or do other significant actions, he or she will be prompted for an administrator “parent” password.…

Introduction to Travel Blogging

Introduction to Travel Blogging

How To Start A Successful Travel Blog: Easy Step By Step Guide!

Travelers may want to blog for themselves, for friends and family, for a niche audience, or for a worldwide audience. Some travelers blog to attract attention of publishers, others blog to develop a portfolio of work that can be used to raise a writing, film-making or photography profile, and others blog to become professional travel bloggers and make money and a viable living from their blogs.

Principles of Travel Blogging

Travel blogging follows the same principles as non-travel blogging, with some unique subject requirements too. The most basic blogging principles include writing well-written posts and uploading clips or attractive images into posts, creating an appealing blog layout, interacting with readers via comments and email, commenting on others’ blogs in the same niche to develop a network, not overloading posts with too much information and, ideally, a regular blogging schedule for serious bloggers.

Reading others’ travel blogs is an excellent way to help new travel bloggers develop skills, ideas and design blog layouts. Lonely Planet even runs an annual Travel Blog Awards Competition.

Writing for the Internet and Travelers

Good writing online should be engaging, succinct, and, if possible, illustrated with an image. Travel blogging is inherently enhanced by illustration more than other blogging subjects. Writing about a mountain climb is one thing, showing an image of the clouds parting atop Mount Everest in a post about mountain climbing takes a post to a new level—especially if Mount Everest was climbed.

Readers are more attracted to blogs with images than without. If attracting readers is an objective, including at least one image in each post will enhance the post’s appeal and keep readers returning. Some readers may have no idea what a destination looks like and will appreciate a visual reference before they leave home.


Writing key-word rich articles is also important for attracting an audience, which is the same for any blogging topic. Dozens of books and blog posts have been written about this topic such as Write Keyword Rich Articles, and this is a topic in itself for a separate article.

But, the most important point is that blogging requires the internet and therein lies one of travel blogging’s greatest challenges.

Travel Blogging Quirks and Challenges

Travelers who blog face challenges that would likely turn the average professional blogger a pale shade of green if they had to face these frustrations every time they sat in front of a computer.

A scenario that the average travel blogger backpacking around the world faces every time they visit and internet café illustrates this point:

Arrive at internet café, plug in pen drive, open Word or Notepad document in which blog text is written. Attempt to log in to blog. Connection so slow that log in takes twenty minutes. Uploading photo to illustrate post takes forty minutes, or it is impossible. Video uploads impossible for weeks on end. Or, connection normal, but cuts in and out every few minutes so that uploaded work is lost and has to be re-pasted. Or power cuts and all work lost. Or, virus on internet café PC wiped out work, and must return to hotel across town to reload work onto pen drive, but virus issues make inserting pen drive into one’s own lap top a risky act.

This scenario is, unfortunately, not an exaggeration and is what most travel bloggers face every time they head to an internet café located in the developing world. Those in the developed world are truly spoilt when it comes to blogging at public internet cafes and don’t face as many logistical challenges!

The basic challenges travel bloggers face essentially involve internet connectivity, internet viruses, access to computers to type or transfer files, electricity supply, and time. They may need to research aspects of their content and this also requires access to the internet or a library. Successful travel bloggers also need many of the same personal qualities as successful travelers: patience, determination, preparation, and generous doses of humor for those frustrating days when internet connectivity and the blogger are traveling down different highways.…

How to Create Income Through a Website

How to Create Income Through a Website

How to Make Money From a Website | 8 Simple Solutions


Nowadays Internet became one of the most efficient venues for entrepreneurs. It exposed a wide array of possibilities that would make an online business very resourceful and cost-efficient. Fact of the matter is that the Internet a business venue that is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Even though using the Internet offers many advantages, it can be confusing at times, and therefore, many people never exploit the power of the Internet to its fullest latent. Thus, in order to make it big in this online world, you need to become familiar with the inner workings that go behind the entire process of making money through a website.

Websites offer a very proficient means to building residual income online. They are always a domain name away and are available day and night. They do not need to be maintained and managed on a routine basis. Including a shopping cart on your website for processing of orders and payments would further enhance the efficiency of the website, since you do not have to deal with the tedious job of manually processing orders.

There are some things that need to be kept in mind before you even think of creating a website and building residual income. First off, your website must be professional looking and effortless to navigate. Most people, in an effort to induce a professional look into their website, end up making it very complicated and confusing to navigate. The end result is that the customer might give up and leave your website. They might never choose to return. The situation gets worse if that person who left your website is a potential customer.

After you made sure that your website is not intricate and is easy to steer through, it needs to be search engine optimized. Find out what keywords are hot in the category and try to include these keywords in your content. Try not to stuff keywords into your sentences in every which way possible. This is counterproductive since search engines detest websites of such nature.

Also consider getting back links to your website. Offer free content through blogs and free article submission directories. This will ensure that your website is spidered and you will soon realize that the traffic to your website has increased considerably. Remember that a decent traffic is the key to building a residual income in the online world.

Time is the only factor that can be considered as an investment on a web business. Spending just a few minutes a day fine-tuning your website and adding fresh content occasionally will make sure that your readers are continuously offered new content and ensures that they will return for more. Put in the time now, and watch your profits soar in the online business world!…

Best Places to Find Help on the Web to Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Best Places to Find Help on the Web to Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Self-esteem in children 1-8 years | Raising Children NetworkMy son’s self confidence was next to none, I was terribly unsure of what I could do to change that. He had little self esteem and was failing in school. He had few friends and just seemed genuinely unhappy with himself. I didn’t know where to turn, so I started researching on the Internet. I found these sites that literally helped my son become the confident, self-assured person he is today. He is doing very well in school and I couldn’t have done it without these sites to guide me in the right direction. These websites saved my son and if your child is experiencing self confidence issues to any degree they truly will help them too.

The first site I cam upon and which helped the most was It had a Q&A section which I found completely helpful. This site helps you to learn what can causes low self confidence and helps you to build your child’s. There is also a quiz to see if your child is just expressing bad behavior. Tremendous amount of links and tools to help your child. This site gives you tips and advice on building your child’s self-esteem. It shows various ways to appreciate, encourage, praise, respect and ways to deal with failure. It lists factors that affect children’s self-esteem and ways to increase it. This site even recommends books available from This site is very thorough about defining the four conditions of self esteem in children, a sense of connectiveness, a sense of uniqueness, a sense of power and a sense of models. It explains each condition and what children need to feel to develop each condition. It also shows you how to build on each condition which is needed in positive self-esteem. This site is from Mental Health. It is also available for download through PDF. It gives you a number at the bottom of the page if you wish to learn more about children’s mental health. It’s a small informational site but calling the phone number will get you some free publications on children’s mental health. From Women Today Magazine, it provides a short list of four ways to build your child’s self esteem. The author of the article is Gary Direnfeld, a child-behavior expert, a social worker, and the author of Raising Kids Without Raising Cane from Ontario Canada. Last but definitely not least, another site I used was this one from Family Rapp. It gives you an extensive list of praises that destroy self-esteem, something none of the other sites offered. Also, they list praises that will help to build self-esteem. I would definitely recommend looking at both these lists and especially the list that shows the praises that destroy self-esteem. This will make you stop and think about things you say that could be harmful and not even realize it.

So if your child is experiencing any problems with their self-esteem these sites can really help. There is a vast wealth of information available on the Internet but I listed just the few above which were the ones that really helped me build my child’s esteem the most. Remember it takes love, praise, respect, understanding and of course some patience.…

Three Websites for Booklovers: BookCrossing, GreenMetropolis and ABE Books

Three Websites for Booklovers: BookCrossing, GreenMetropolis and ABE Books

City of Glory: A Novel of War and Desire in Old Manhattan by Beverly  Swerling


Are you a bookworm? If you enjoy reading books, discussing books and collecting books, then here are three websites for you.

Do you love to read, discover new books, collect classics and share stories with people? Are books your passion?

If the answer is yes then here are three websites for you. Places where you can find books, discuss books, swap books and even do the environment some good along the way.


What is it?: An international book swapping website.

Where is it?:

Reason to visit: With “688,274 people in over 130 countries”, BookCrossing is a massive and hugely active website. The idea behind it is that people who have finished reading a book release it into the wild.

Each time you finish a book you register it on BookCrossing which generates a unique code. You write this code in the book cover then simply leave the book somewhere or give it to a friend. Each time somebody finds the book they can visit the BookCrossing website and type in the code which will bring up a diary of all the places that book has been and lets the people who have read it say what they thought.

With a community newsletter and message forum the site is an excellent place to meet other book fanatics and discuss your favourite reads.


What is it?: A way to buy cheap second-hand books and plant trees.

Where is it?:

Reason to visit: GreenMetropolis is a highly innovative British enterprise which is at present only available to people in the UK. Watch this space though, there’s a strong chance it’ll go global very soon.

The idea is a simple one: all books, no matter how big, small, new or old sell for £3.75/$7.50 and all books are bought for £3/$6 with free delivery on standard paperbacks anywhere in the UK. 5p/10c of every sale goes to the Woodland Trust’s Tree for All tree planting scheme and by recycling second-hand books you’re already helping to save existing trees.

The site also contains a very comprehensive FAQ and a wish-list function.

ABE Books

What is it?: A great site for finding rare and out-of-print books.

Where is it?: in America or in the UK

Reason to visit: ABE Books is a network of reputable new and second-hand book dealers which means that when you run a search for an author or title it’s like you’ve just been browsing through every bright shiny Waterstones and every dusty little back-street store across the country. For this reason it’s absolutely brilliant for tracking down books that you can’t get hold of anywhere else, from local history to occultism, antiquarian tomes to obscure biographies – have a nose through this site.…

Adding some Content

Adding some Content

The Nine Ingredients That Make Great Content


So now we’ve established the basics of what MUST be included on each page, let’s get on to adding what YOU want on the page! Here is where we learn to set our colours, format text, and add pictures to our web pages. What we should have so far is a document that looks like this:

This is where our text and pictures will appear.


In our browser this looks like a plain white page with just a boring sentence at the top left corner. Let’s look at jazzing it up a bit, starting with different background colours.

The basic tag that sets our background colour is actually not a tag of its own. It’s something we add to our opening tag – since it’s going to describe what shows up in the body part of our page. The format for specifying the background colour is where #nnnnnn is the “hexadecimal” code for a colour.

Some basic colours you might use are:
#000000 White
#FF0000 Red
#00FF00 Green
#0000FF Blue
#FFFF00 Yellow

You can find a much more comprehensive list of colours at
Note: there are MANY sites that will give you lists of hex codes for colours. This one has a handy java applet so you can mix your own colours too!)

We also need to specify a text colour. This is because the browser default is for black text, so if we set a black background colour, our text would blend in. The text colour also goes inside the tag with the following format . Combined with our background colour, it would look like

To set white text on our black background, we’d have the following page:

This is where our text and pictures will appear.


Easy so far, isn’t it? But what if we want our text to be spaced out on the page, or centred, or right aligned? Well, we have text formatting tags as well. We can set paragraphs on our page, or place some single line breaks, with some very simple tags. So far our tags have all been pretty easy to remember, and text formatting tags are no different.

The tag that sets up a paragraph is

with the closing

. All text that lies between those two tags will be formatted as a single paragraph. You can also specify the alignment by adding the ALIGN tag as follows.…

Why Nintendo Needs to Kill All Ideas of the Wii 2 and Move onto Something Better

Why Nintendo Needs to Kill All Ideas of the Wii 2 and Move onto Something Better

Turning the Nintendo Switch into Android's best gaming hardware | Ars  TechnicaThe internet has run rampant with rumors of Nintendo’s Wii 2 console and while a Wii 2 console might have sounded appealing a few years ago, it sounds like a pretty bad idea nowadays – and this is why…

The Primarily Motion Controlled Gaming System Is Dead

The Wii 2 would have been nice back in the day when gaming consoles where either motion controlled or non-motion controlled, but in an Xbox Kinect and PlayStation Move, Nintendo will need to find a dog with more tricks. Creating another motion controlled Wii will only aid in securing a similar future to the current Wii – a future that could wipe Nintendo from the face of gaming.

Nintendo Will Be Fighting to Survive Today – Not Tomorrow

The Wii 2 seems like a desperate attempt for Nintendo to play catch up with the Xbox Kinect and PlayStation Move, but what will happen to the Wii 2 when Microsoft and PlayStation come out with the Xbox 720 or PlayStation 4? A: Nintendo will be left in the dust as Microsoft and Sony advance past the Wii 2 in the same fashion that they outdid the original Wii console.

The World Needs Nintendo to Stay on the Cutting Edge

Nintendo is one of the most innovative gaming companies bringing mind innovations to the world like the 64-bit gaming system, portable gaming, 3D handhelds, motion controlled gaming, and others. If Nintendo were to waste their time trying to salvage the Wii brand instead of putting it’s eggs in another basket, it’d be hurting gamin innovation, not aiding it. The gaming world would be much better off seeing what the creative minds over at Nintendo can create instead of suffering for another gaming generation being stuck with another motion controlled gaming console.

They’ll Have to Overcome the Bad Stigma of the Original Wii

Like it or not, the Nintendo Wii brand has a pretty bad stigma surrounding it and unflattering terms like “casual”, “noob-friendly”, “underdeveloped”, and “simple” are all words associated with the current Nintendo Wii. Even if the Nintendo Wii 2 turned out to be a Kickass gaming console, it’d still suffer due to the stigma of the original Nintendo Wii console.

What Would the Wii 2 Do that the Kinect and Move Couldn’t?

As far as I’m concerned, there just isn’t that much more that can be done to enhance motion controlled gaming. The PlayStation Move has mastered motion controlled controllers and the Xbox Kinect went the route of no controllers at all. Unless the Nintendo Wii 2 will be able to somehow read the minds of gamers, it won’t make that much impact in the gaming world as a motion controlled gaming consoles.…